Madhavaram Horticulture Park

A short video with pics taken during our recent visit to Madhavaram Horticulture Park, Chennai is embedded above. This park is similar to Semmozhi Poonga, but it is much bigger – there are many more trees, plants, etc. But it’s not as beautiful as Semmozhi Poonga though.

Madhavaram, or at least its surroundings, in itself is so green. So a horticulture-themed park that too inside the city is surely an added bonus. There is ample parking for cars, bikes and this place is ticketed – I think the entry ticket is Rs. 15 per adult. There are tickets for bike parking and taking camera in, as well. I took all the photos on my mobile in spite of having my camera.

This park is still under construction, but there is a lot of greenery already. They are constructing more tourist facilities. We found a canteen but were informed that it works only on Sat & Sun. I think this park opens at 10-11 AM and closes at 7.30 PM – if I remember what the watchman said.

Anyway, this is a large park. Be prepared to walk at least 1 or 1.5 KM around the park if you want to make a full circle. There are gardens in various themes like Topiary Garden, Hibiscus Garden, Cactus Garden, Herbal Garden, Lily Garden, Rock Garden, Butterfly Garden, etc. Just that I didn’t see any butterflies nor any rock sculptures!

They’ve placed some name boards at certain places that enables us to identify which garden area we are visiting. We found a few stylish huts and small such structures with seats to rest, and there were ample no. of benches all around.

There is even a small lake, but the water is too muddy. I don’t understand from where the water keeps flowing/moving in this closed lake, but it does. It will be nice if they could convert this into a boating area or something.

We found a dedicated little children’s park with basic play amenities like slides, etc. We also found a board mentioning about guidance on starting and maintaining a home/kitchen garden, but no one there had any clue about it when we enquired.

We found a few cute statues with which we gladly took selfies. There is a dedicated selfie area (in a Govt park!!) with four paintings of birds. You can see all this in the above embedded video.

Altogether a nice green place to visit inside Chennai on any afternoon/evening 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Madhavaram Horticulture Park

  1. Thanks for introducing this beautiful park filled with palm trees, which looked natural gown there and the park also looks like a conversion of a lake area. Wish I visit it sometime.

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