My New (Minimal) Visiting Card!!

Here is that time of the year I designed another visiting card for the next batch of 100. Don’t know why but, inspite of liking my previous business card design, everytime I feel the urge to design a new card!!

Anyway, this new card is inspired by my new passion – Minimalism. I was already passionate about Sustainable Living but Minimalism fever caught me more recently because I am slowly falling in love with minimalistic design principles. Besides, it is a subset of sustainability too.

I ordered this card from Vistaprint India. I like the numerous designs they have (to start with) but that meant I had to spend a couple of hours going through the designs, shortlisting one, and finally customizing it. This time I took one break inbetween – hard lesson learned from the last time.

I feel the font is smaller than I saw on the preview. Need to remember this when I design a card next time. Of course it will be a new design – maybe with 90% white space and even fewer words? 🙂

Destination Infinity

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