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Book Launch: Tattva – Eat and Live

Photo with the author of ‘Tattva – Eat and Live’, Dr. Shaily Agarwal @ Writers Cafe, Egmore.

Yesterday I went to Dr. Shaily Agarwal ‘s book launch event. The book ‘Tattva – Eat and Live’ is about food as medicine, based on Ayurveda.

It’s good to see doctors promoting preventive medicine and healthy lifestyles.

The book has information on best foods to eat per season, timing, etc. so that you can maintain the harmony and balance of ur body.

There are ample no. of recepies and a few are even millet based.

A few points I should mention from the author’s speech at the event –

  • Food is the best medicine.
  • Ayurveda, which uses herbs extensively, is good at treating lifestyle and chronic disorders
  • In Ayurveda, food suggestions are based on Ritu Charya, which translates to “Season – How to eat”.
  • Carbohydrates need insulin (generated within the body) to get digested. However, after an age, production of insulin decreases resulting in extra glucose. That is the reason for diabetes.
  • If you get exposed to excessive stress, insulin production is hampered and the chances of getting diabetes increases.
  • Millets, Keto Diet, Milk, etc. are good for health.
  • You can buy the book on Amazon India (click below).

But remember – Food is just one part of the equation. The others are exercise/yoga and exposure to less stress.

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