Mission Mangal – Every Indian should watch this Movie

We were 2 of 4 people who watched Mission Mangal, an inspiring movie based on ISRO’s space expedition to Mars – Maangalyan.

The makers have done a good job in simplifying the key achievements of the Maangalyan mission so that the story of the team that fought all odds to send a satellite to Mars reaches the common man – the real investor behind ISRO.

This is one well-made movie that all Indians should watch, that too in the theater. It succeeded in keeping me engaged throughout the movie.

We looked around to take one selfie with the movie’s poster, but sadly there was none. On the contrary, there was one huge banner that featured Ajith prominently. Ah, the priorities of the common man!

Edited to Add: I should mention that space-related technical concepts were over-simplified and made relatable to common activities like cooking, etc. These may have been included to make the common man get a better picture of the complex mission. There were also other ‘populist’ and ‘commercial’ elements/agenda that were included to make the movie ‘spicy’.

These might drift a more serious viewer away as they would expect more authenticity – a must for this genre.

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10 thoughts on “Mission Mangal – Every Indian should watch this Movie

    1. I think this movie did well in other parts of India where people speak Hindi. Here, down South, only dubbed or remade movies into Tamil gets an audience in good numbers.

      Destination Infinity

  1. That’s so bad to see an empty gallery for such a inspiring movie and i think many good movies face the situation in absence of a big star cast but akshay kumar isn’t less anyway and his choice of movies are outstanding and motivative. I’ll sure watch it.

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