My Autobiography: My Most Memorable Day #together

As far as I remember, the day I got my Tenth Standard board exam results has been the most memorable day in my life, until now. Not that I value it as much as I remember it in the frenzy of those youthful days, but if I have to pick one memorable day in my life it will be that day. In most middle class families, especially in Chennai, there is no achievement bigger than academic achievement. At that age, although it feels strange now, I too believed in that *all encompassing* mantra – Academic Excellence.

My Autobiography: A Risk Worth Taking!

Photo by Anto475 (Own work) [CC BY-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons. I didn’t have a special connection or passion for English (subject) until my ninth standard. Until then, I treated it as one more subject to memorize and score marks. But in 9th Standard, two things happened: NCERT (CBSE) ┬áchanged the English syllabus and evaluation in a good way where we didn’t have to memorize anything anymore, and I started reading Enid Blyton books. (Yes I know that was late, but better late than never!).

My Autobiography: My bad luck with print media continues . . .

I generally don’t do something unless I have to. Even though I indulged in creative writing in school, I wrote only if it had to be done as an assignment. Contributions for school magazine was voluntary, and, as you can guess, I never sent any article/story. Once, in my 9th Std. my Tamil teacher specifically asked me to write an article for the school magazine. Since it was requested, I had to do it. I wrote something (I don’t remember what it was about) and sent it. It was published also. When I got the magazine in my hand, I […]

My Autobiography: Of Valuing Security over Talent/Skills

We Indians have a weird belief in valuing security over talent/skills, while choosing a career/job. I am not saying it is totally unjustified, but there are always exceptions to it and parents (generally) don’t want to give priority to these cases. Even though this post has been categorized under the ‘My Autobiography’ category, this is not about me. I have never been ‘exceptional’ at anything. This is about three people who studied in my school and whom I knew.┬á

My Autobiography: Growing up with A.R.Rehman’s Music in the ’90s

[Comments ON] A.R. Rehman’s Oorvasi, Oorvasi… from Kadhalan (Watch it ALSO for the DANCE) How can anyone (of my generation) even attempt to shortlist the best/top 10 songs composed by the Musical Genius A. R. Rehman? That’s what I am going to attempt in this post. However, as each one of us have varying taste in music, this list should be treated as my┬á‘favorite songs list’┬áonly. Listen on – you should at least like the songs that shook the very foundation I was safely standing on, and made me fall in love with music again and again ­čÖé These songs […]

My Autobiography: HAHK & DDLJ – BLOCKBUSTER Indian Movies??

  HAHK = Hum Aaapke Hain Koun; DDLJ = Dilwale Dulhaniyan Le Jaayenge. I guess you already know about these two BLOCKBUSTER Bollywood (Hindi) movies. If you don’t – Well, you are lucky!! But then, such movies (and their clones) often become BLOCKBUSTERS in every regional language in India. When you are just entering your teens, these two movies are a MUST NOT see.

My Autobiography: The joy of receiving a hand-written Letter

One day during my sixth standard annual vacation, I was playing for the entire day (as usual) and came home in the evening. My mother told me that someone had sent me a letter by post. I was shocked. A letter?? for me??? Do you remember the blue-colour inland envelope letter with a printed stamp on it? That’s what I got. I saw the name of the person who sent it, and it was my bench-mate during the previous year. I did remember us discussing sending letters to each other during vacations (this was just one among so many other […]

My Autobiography: ‘What do you want to become in life?’

Photo: NASA. This is a copyright free image. ‘What do you want to become in life?’ is one question that I would be asked frequently. Some people will go to the extent of asking, ‘What do you want to become – doctor or engineer?’ Hmmm… That was the broad range of limited┬ácareer-choices every kid had!! But these kind of questions would never deter me from being imaginative.