Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen (Book Review)

Literary Fiction, at its finest. This book is about marriage, and the politics surrounding it, in the early Nineteenth Century England. I can’t believe that this book was published first in 1813. The author brings the characters, situations and imagery to life and we are forced to believe that the story is happening right in front of our eyes, now! This is the first classic I ever read, and I now want to read more classics 🙂 Make no mistake – this is neither an ideal book, nor an easy book to read. I took many days to complete this […]

Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister – Book Review

Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister is a fiction book written by Tabrik C and published by Hachette India. First off, I don’t understand why the book is titled ‘Prisoner Jailor…’, there is nothing about prisoner or jailor in this book. Secondly, while the predominant genre of this book is (supposed to be) political thriller going by the description behind the book, new-age romance dominates almost the entire first half of this book – I thought that was too much of a deviation.  Otherwise, the book is fine. 

No Man’s Land – Nilesh Shrivastava (Book Review)

This book, ‘No Man’s Land’, written by Nilesh Shrivastava, is almost a classic. Ninety percent of this book is solid literary fiction, and then, the author does the unimaginable – he gives it a fairy-tale ending that is so untrue of the characters he has painstakingly developed all throughout the book! “You must realize that there are two sides to every coin. You only have to change your perspective to see that the victim is actually the perpetrator and the perpetrator, the victim.” – Nilesh Shrivastava, No Man’s Land.

Sirens Spell Danger (Book Review)

There is one common – but sublime – theme running across all the three stories in this book – Be careful with women! 🙂 Sirens Spell Danger is an eBook written & published on the Kindle platform by two of my Blogger friends – Suresh, Karthik and another Blogger, Radha. When your friends publish a book, the least you can do is to read and review it, no? Besides, it will be useful if/when I write one myself 😉

Before I Forget – Leonard Pitts (Literary Fiction, Book Review)

Frankly, I never thought Literary Fiction could be so interesting! I didn’t have an opinion on this genre because I always thought it was analogous with Fiction – Others, but now I want to read more books published in this genre. I guess age is also a factor in determining which genres we like. ‘Before I Forget’ is categorized in Literary Fiction > African American. I got this book during a free Kindle promotion by the author and since all the other reviewers were raving about this book, I was tempted to read this first, before others. Frankly, I have […]