To Walk or Take a Bus?

That was my dilemma during my recent Hyderabad trip – To walk or take a bus? Actually, the house I was staying in was not far enough to take a bus, and was not close enough to walk, from the Secunderabad Railway station. I ate a heavy lunch at Chutneys and came to the Secunderabad junction. I wanted to walk back home. So I spotted two people who were looking polite and well dressed, and asked them: “Sir, do you know which way I need to walk to go to East Marredpally?”

In my Next Birth, I want to be born as . . .

A Little Brown Bat! Actually, I wanted to be born as a Buffalo in my next birth cos I love it’s attitude towards life (lazy, uncaring, et. all) but once I got familiar with the little brown bat, I immediately changed my mind. The little brown bat can sleep for 19.9 hours a day, and hibernate for 6+ months in a year. (Source: Wiki) Did you read that? Go back and read the previous line carefully once again. WHAT MORE WOULD ANYONE WANT IN THEIR LIFE?????? 😛 😀 😛 So, what creature would you want to be born as, in your […]

Life Before and After becoming an Author!!

Becoming an author, at least for me, has resulted in me taking a U-Turn in many aspects of life. Some – Before becoming an Author: I can easily write a 400-page Novel within a couple of months. After becoming an Author: Writing a 115-page novella took 7 months. Phew! 😛 *** Before: Frank (often blunt) comments on other’s blog posts. After: Sugar-coated SWEET comments 😉 🙂 😉 ***

How was rice discovered initially?

Some things perplex me to no end. This is one question/thought that has been tarnishing my mind over the few days. I’ve put it in the blog so you people can also suffer 😛 How (and why) was rice discovered initially? Let’s assume I don’t know rice – I’ve never seen it. Now, I happen to wander on the plains and I happen to see a rice plant. But I don’t know that it is rice. What will I most probably do? 

My New Found Social Status: Novelist!

If you’ve ever tried to explain what a ‘professional blogger’ is, especially to elder people, you know how difficult that is. After 30 minutes of questions (and my replies), they analyze the field and decide that what I am doing is a waste of time. Well, I can’t totally refute that either 😛 So, I was desperate to find some other answer to that lethal question – ‘What do you do?’. Once, when I was drinking coconut water (Elaneer), the shopkeeper pointed towards someone who just walked by and proudly said (to another person next to him) – ‘You know […]

My First Meditation Experience ~ #ConditionSeriousHai

After attending this course, I decided that I will implement at least one thing taught there. After a long internal debate, I chose meditation. As recommended there, I decided to meditate everyday for 20 minutes (the most minimum recommended period), just before I slept (at 12 AM in the night!). You think meditation is a very easy thing to do, right? Read on to find out how my #ConditionSeriousHai Mind tortures me. Conversation between me and my mind during my first meditation: Me: I am going to meditate right here, on this chair. My mind: Nonsense. Go sit down on the floor. […]

30 Minutes… A Romantic ‘Thriller’ [Short Story]

A dangerous game is about to begin. He didn’t know back then how crucial those 30 minutes were… 30 minutes.  1800 seconds. Tick, tick, tick, tick… In India, there is a ‘Girl-seeing’ ritual before marriage – generally a formality – as the marriage should have been fixed based on $family$ compatibility, by then. Still, it’s crucial for parents to get their kids’ consent, who (in rare cases) might have the right to reject. So, the couple is given a maximum of 30 minutes to ‘understand’ each other.

Tamil & Malayalam: same to same???

[Comments ON] For the uninitiated, look at the two states in the southern most part of the map of India (above) – The state on the right (rose) is Tamil Nadu, where Tamil language is spoken; the state on the left (blue) is Kerala, where Malayalam language is spoken.  There are a few common words between most of the Indian languages which might suggest, i. these languages might have had a common ancestor and/or, ii. they might have borrowed some words from each other. Tamil & Malayalam, being spoken people living in neighboring states obviously have some commonalities. But, Tamil and […]

The Englishman-Australian Joke

This Englishman-Australian joke was doing the rounds when I was young. Not sure how many are aware of this – In the 19th Century, an Englishman was traveling in Australia and requested an Australian to come along with him to show some places. He first sees the Australian Parliament building and says, ‘Is this your parliament building? You should see our Houses of Parliament buildings in London. They are majestic’