Old Age Parents (Short Story)

Priyanka, 45, lived in the city along with her husband, in laws, and kids, but her parents were living separately in another town – 3 hours away. She visited them, as she did every month, spent some time with them, gave some money for their expenses, and was returning to the city in her car. She wanted her parents to be along with her in the city, but their house was not big enough for all of them. She wished they could have at least stayed somewhere nearby, but her parents told her that the cost of living/rentals in the […]

Blessing in Disguise? (Short Story)

Meena is watching the Hindi movie ‘3 Idiots’ on their 21″ bulky CRT TV, sitting on a chair, next to a sofa, in the 10′ x 10′ living room of their small single BHK  apartment. She has been watching one movie per day, ever since her final year school holidays began. Her parents come out of the bedroom, sit on the sofa, and watch the movie along with her. She glances at them but quickly moves her eyes back to the TV. “Parvati’s parents have bought a new LCD TV,” Meena says.

The Monologue (Short Story)

  He: [Rings the doorbell] She: [Opens the door] You know what your son told me, today? He told me not to ‘interfere’ with his life. He: She: Did you hear what I said just now? I am ‘interfering’ with his life, it seems. I carried him in my womb for almost a year; I sacrificed my career to give him the best possible attention; I dropped him to school, tution classes, hobby classes, and brought him back daily, for years; I made sure he got healthy meals even though I slept hungry on some days; I have sacrificed so […]

The Winner (Short Story)

It seems, Leo Tolstoy once said, ‘Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way’. It’s true and I learned it the hard way. There was a time when I was doing something I loved – I was a screenwriter, a passionate one at that. I wrote the script and dialogues for many popular Tamil movies. I still look back at that time with fondness and pleasure that only a creative artist could fathom. It was 15 years back that I challenged my competitor – my nemesis,

Whose Development? (Short story about Tribal Exploitation)

This is a work of fiction and is not based on any real events.  “We are here to enable your development,” she said. She was the founder of the NGO that worked for the development of tribal areas. Today, she was representing a proposal from an MNC. Whose development? wondered Gogi, the aging tribal leader. His ancestors learned to be wary of people who voluntarily offered help. His tribe had suffered enough already – both the British Government before Independence, and Indian Government after Independence were interested in their development for only one reason: acquiring forest land & resources.

THE RACE… Another Romantic ‘Thriller’

Maddy & Rajiv were the best… rivals. They always wanted the worst to happen to each other. During their college days, they used to plot elaborately to deny anything the other person wanted. The pleasure of denying something – especially to a rival – is unparalleled. Both of them had enough happiness (and misery) in their lives, over the four years they studied together in the same class. But once college was over, their rivalry also came to an end. Or so they thought. They never guessed their paths would cross once again now, four years after they graduated. This […]

Carrot Halwa – A Modern Fairy Tale for Adults [Short Story]

O.K., this is not exactly a fairy tale, but it’s a story with a moral. ***** Rajeev was tired. Of working for 16 hours on weekdays and the so called enjoyment on weekends. The work pressure on weekdays was intense and his deadlines were always tight. He hardly had time for anyone at home, and on most days, he didn’t have time to even speak to his wife or daughter. 


This is a work of fiction. I never thought my first assignment as a journalist would be the most impactful one, in my entire career. I just passed out from the journalism school and I was assigned to interview a murder convict who killed five people within a single day. He was being carried in a train to the hanging site and news leaked to our editor, who assigned me for this job.

Dear Diary, My English Teacher

This is a work of fiction. Dear Diary, My English Teacher As I told you yesterday, our old English teacher resigned from school yesterday, and a new English teacher has joined today. Our old English teacher had given us a homework assignment yesterday and asked us to write about our favorite personality. She told us that the new teacher would check our assignments.