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Is Platinum the Symbol of True Love? (Short Story)

[Comments ON] This is a work of fiction.


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It was supposed to be their most memorable day…

Upon considerable duration of courtship, he finally decided to propose to her. He knew she will accept, and he wanted that day to be special. For her. For him. For both of them.

After all, they would savor this moment until the last breath of their lives. Because what’s going to happen after this is… Well, that’s for later. Not a good idea to distract a nice fantasy with mundane facts.

Initially, he wanted to gift a ring made fully of diamond. But then, he discovered at the jewellery shop that no one ever thought of such a novel idea! He made a mental note to file a patent for his idea, later on.

Right now he needed to decide between gold and platinum to go with the diamond on the ring. Simplistically speaking, both were shining metals and diamond looked good on both of them. He thought for a long time before deciding – After all, this was going to be such a big day!

But there was something else that was bothering him. He decided to find out, on that day.


He met her in their favorite coffee shop. He had told her that he had a surprise for her today and she pretty much guessed it. But still, she put up an innocent expression when they met.

They sat on opposite chairs on their favorite table, and didn’t speak for what occurred to them as eternity (5 minutes, actually). Both of them were anticipating this moment and he didn’t want to spoil the surprise by breaking it immediately.

So, while they were silently sitting across each other, he slowly slipped the box across the table.

She opened the box to find a platinum ring with a diamond. Surely, he was proposing to her and this was his way of expressing it. Silence was even better than speaking, she thought. After all, those three words were over-used and beaten-to-death in every possible instance, in every possible movie!


After what seemed to them as eternity (5 more minutes, actually) she spoke,

“Where did you buy this platinum ring with diamond? It looks so beautiful”

He replied, “Actually, the ring is made of silver, not platinum, and that stone is a crystal, not diamond. I bought it in an imitation jewellery shop, nearby”

After looking at her shocked expression he added, “Well I wanted to symbolically convey that married life comes with its own tribulations & responsibilities, and at times, we may need to make some sacrifices”, he smiled.

She was even more shocked. This was such a big moment and he buys imitation jewellery to cut costs? How RUDE!! She immediately left the coffee shop without saying another word to him. That was the last time he ever heard from her.

Fortunately, she left the ring on the table.

That ring was indeed made of platinum and diamond. He had lied to her.

Now he found out what mattered more to her. With that new-found knowledge and his expensive platinum/diamond ring, he walked out of the shop.

With a new confidence.

Empowered to live a new life 🙂

Destination Infinity

This post has been written for the indiBlogger contest. According to the rules of the contest, I have to link to this Precious Platinum page.

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  • SG

    Nice story. But she did the right thing. That situation is not the one for making a prank. If he wanted to find out what mattered to her more, he could have chosen other occasions. Proposing is a very emotional solemn occasion. This guy, to me he looks like a psycho. Sorry.

  • Rajesh K

    It’s good to see commenters telling me what they think, instead of sugar-coating words like ‘Excellent post’, ‘You will get the prize’, etc. I wish all the comments are as frank as the above comment. If you feel a post is nonsense, say so. Especially in my blog.

    Destination Infinity

  • SG


    I did not think this post is “nonsense”. All I wrote was my interpretation of this fictional character. No offense on the writer. While reading this post, I was putting myself in this guy’s place. Would I do like this on the day I propose to my fiancé. No I will not. And, I did not.

    • Rajesh K

      Oh, don’t worry – It’s difficult to offend the writer anyway 🙂

      I was just highlighting the point that your reply was frank. Even though others might also feel the same way, I know many who write unnecessarily sweet comments. That’s what I was asking people not to do.

      The world will be a better place if everybody spoke their minds frankly. That’s what I do anyway, so why not do it back to me? 🙂

      Destination Infinity

  • Shilpa Garg

    Oh My God! Who does a thing like that on such a special day! I guess, he should have known what really mattered to her before proposing to her on that day! After all, he wouldnt have made this decision of marrying her in a hurry!

  • KP

    There is no better occasion than the special day to test.Otherwise he may regret to life living with a wrong person.She had the opportunity to be magnanimous in accepting a cheap ring.Does the value of love depend on the cost of ring?She is ultimately a loser.

    It was an unexpected twist.I liked it truly

  • The British Asian Blog

    Interesting short story, a good message and a unexpected twist. I’d question the intention of the girl long before buying her an engagement ring.

    I can also imagine the shattering experience for the girl, I mean, wouldn’t she think am I not worth it for him, why put her through so much on such a special moment which most girls cherish and along for all their pre-married lives?

  • Avada Kedavra

    It is not right to judge her in one occasion. You need to live with that person to understand what they truly care for. A person may behave differently in different occasions and depending on their mood etc. Also like SG said, she would have expected him to propose her in a better manner.

  • Ashwathy

    I kinda agree with SG’s interpretation. While it is if he wanted to test her love and really see what/who she really loves, I doubt if that was the opportune moment. He could have chosen another moment or situation.

    Maybe he could have simply stated the ring is silver, that’s all he could afford. The statement about the “imitation jewellery shop” sounded a bit crass. I don’t entirely blame the girl for leaving.

  • Kismitoffeebar

    Much as it is important to know the partner, I think you would arrive at such a big decision after knowing her / him 🙂
    He himself says it is a memorable day etc. , so I wonder if there was a better way to find out?

    The twist is brought out well but not at an opportune moment, I’d say. But havign said that, my remarks are for the character 😛 Good luck, Rajesh!

  • mahesh

    Super post Rajesh – avanum nokinan, avalum nokinal – kadasiyil nee yenaku illai yendru aval nadanthu ponal – avan oru sirippil ninaithan – nala velai naan piyathu kondaen 🙂

    A wicked twist indeed 🙂

  • Ragini Puri

    This was an interesting take on the prompt given. 😀
    You start with…It was supposed to be their most memorable day…and then you test her intentions with a cruel prank. Have you not read The Gift of Magi? 😀

    • Rajesh K

      I think the MC knew her intentions, but he was not sure. This incident only proved what he already knew. I will try to read the gift of magi. What’s it about?

      Destination Infinity

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