Efficiency House Plus, Berlin – Showing the way for future homes

Is it possible for a house to generate more electricity than what the family living in it requires using only renewable energy sources? Is it possible for a house to be built of (mostly) recyclable materials? Is it possible to redesign a house without major structural changes? Welcome to the Efficiency House Plus, Berlin (Germany). This is not just a project on paper. They have already constructed the house and a family is living in it.

My Dream – Traveling using Renewable Energy (An Idea)

How does the idea of traveling using renewable energy sound to you? To be more precise, I am talking about traveling in a car using the electricity produced by solar panels and portable/foldable wind-mills.  I might even want to travel and live in that car for extended periods of time (say 3-4 weeks at a stretch). Sounds impossible? Sounds insane? Welcome to my dream 🙂

Indo-German Urban Fair, Chennai on Sustainable Living in Cities

The Indo-German Urban Fair (Mela) is currently on in Chennai. The theme seems to be about sustainable living in cities. Frankly, it’s an advertisement for the products and services of German companies present in India, but it has been done so beautifully that the advertisements carry information, entertainment and inspiration. People who have been reading this blog for some time may know about my fondness for Germany. So, I thought why miss this fair, when it has come home?

Papaya – Healthy, Tasty & fruity!

When I was young(er), I didn’t like Papaya. I didn’t think it had a great taste or a great smell. But as I grew up, I picked up a special liking towards this fruit. I liked papaya in fruit salad because it sort of offsets the over-sweetness of pineapple, banana, grapes, etc. in it. It seems, Papaya was introduced to India only around 400 years ago by the Portuguese. Papaya is said to have originated in Mexico and people there have been using (eating) it for thousands of years. The botanical name of Papaya is Papaya Caricaya. A papaya plant […]

Know more: Micro Wind Turbines for homes

Image credit: Marcus. This image is published under this creative commons license. If you have ever been to Kanyakumari, you’d have noticed the huge array of windmills that greet you on the way. It’s a spectacular scene with so many windmills lined up on either side of the national highway. Windmills like that are huge and they produce electricity in large quantities. Of course, they are uber-expensive and take a lot of space. These factors make them inviable to be installed within cities. But, there is another category of windmills called micro wind turbines or micro-generation wind turbines.

Why doesn’t India have a Feed-in Tariff scheme for promoting Solar Energy?

This image is published under this creative commons license. This seriously beats me. When countries in Europe that don’t have sufficient sunlight availability (are not exactly sunlight hot spots) can today boast of achieving about 50% of their energy through solar power and other renewable sources of energy, why can’t India  (that gets ample sunlight throughout the year) replicate the same? Large Government solar projects do help. The Government of Gujarat has set an excellent example by establishing the biggest solar plant in Asia. Kudos to them. But, large Government projects take a lot of time and require a lot […]

Lemon – The small wonder!

Did you know that lemon was the gift to the world from India/South Asia? Even today, India is the largest producer of lemons. Lime is something that we consume directly (lemon juice, for example) and indirectly (cooking, garnishing, etc). Let us learn some interesting and useful things about lemon, in this article. Source: Wikimedia Image by Aka and it is published under this Creative Commons License.