Yengal Thalaivi – Greta Thunberg

I am a Sustainable Living enthusiast, but I have taken very little action to become a Sustainable Living practitioner. There is a big difference between aspiring to do something and actually taking concrete steps towards doing that thing. Action is more important than words or intentions. This was reiterated to me by my new Guru – Sweedish Teenager named Greta Thunberg. (Read the linked Wikipedia introduction about her to know about what she has been doing.) It’s heart-warming to see someone so young being so passionate about climate change. So passionate that she started protesting in front of the Sweedish […]

Our First Step Towards Sustainable Living

I have written 46 posts in the Sustainable Living category of this blog. However, I realised I have not done anything concrete to shift towards a more sustainable lifestyle. So we decided to buy this now 🙂   Here is our new 21W Solar Charger that can charge a power bank. This power bank can in turn charge mobile devices that can be charged via USB port. Actually, since there are two USB ports, it can charge two power banks simultaneously. Right now, we just connected a power bank to test whether the solar panel set-up is working. Fortunately it is […]

Only *Irresponsible* Adults Burst Crackers on Diwali?

SC Bans #Fireworks Sale at #NCR. Actually, IMO, this rule should have been enforced across India. I can understand the need for children to burst #crackers, but I see many many *#irresponsible* adults bursting crackers with equal enthusiasm just because there is an excuse (#Diwali) and the mob culture is at action in full swing. It’s common knowledge that crackers pollute our environment directly, all that sound is intolerable to animals/birds, child labor is exploited fully for making crackers, hazardous accidents and health issues result out of it, etc. etc. But still, we adults cannot do without our share of FUN. Of course, I […]

Organics & Millets 2018 International Trade Fair at Bengaluru

Organics & Millets 2018 International Trade Fair is scheduled to happen from January 19 – 21, 2018 at Palace Grounds, Bengaluru. To promote the event, Karnataka’s Honorable Minister of Agriculture, Shri Krishna Byre Gowda, visited and interacted with us bloggers and journalists at Prems Grama Bhojanam, Adyar, Chennai. A few glimpses from that event is embedded in the below slideshow – This organic and millet fair will happen over three days and 400+ stalls are expected to occupy the 1,00,000+ sq. feet of exhibition space. There will be millet food courts, conferences, workshops, interaction/competitions for students and public & promotions […]

Independence Day Celebrations @ Vasantham Special School, Chennai

Today, we went to Vasantham – Special School for the Differently Abled @ Mogappair East, Chennai for the Independence Day celebrations. They had assembled an impressive array of cultural programs. You can have a glimpse into some of those moments in the above-embedded video. Considering how difficult it might have been to train kids to perform on stage, their efforts ought to be appreciated. The children danced, sang, acted in skits, and even put up fancy dress avatars as Bharathiyar, Vivekananda, Modi, among others! It seems this school was initially started with six kids in 1989. Now the school has […]

Vegan Gulab Jamun Recipe (Delicious Indian Sweet)

I hope you remember my post on why milk may not be an optimum diet. Consuming milk also contributes to cruelty towards animals. That’s why I feel Going Vegan is a healthy and ethical lifestyle option. (I am not a Vegan myself yet, but I am trying to become one.) That doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice tasty foods. Today, I bring to you a guest post by Preethi Raghav, a passionate Vegan, who will share the recipe to make tasty vegan gulab jamuns (without using milk). Why not try making this delicious Indian sweet at your home this Deepavali? 🙂 […]

Do We Care for Trees?

If you are in India, do one thing today – go to any street (with a few trees still left in them) and look closer at the trees and the area around them. Recently, we went to a tree walk conducted by Nizhal at Nandanam, near the area where O.T. Ravindran, a plant artist and a tree conservator, lived. Click the above link to read about the great person who lived amidst us, whose paintings were brought out as postal stamps, but we are unaware! During the tree walk, the organizers showed us how we are harming trees without even […]

India’s First Social Brand (Merci) offers an Alternative to Leather Products

Merci is India’s first social brand that offers an alternative to leather-based products. They make many products (like the ones shown above) that are non-leather and cruelty-free. Did you know that 10,000 animals are slaughtered every five minutes for their skin? So say no to leather. Merci: Compassion through Fashion.  Merci’s business model is unique. They are an NGO run by volunteers and they donate 100% of their profits to other NGOs to be redeployed towards social causes. That’s what I’d call a vision!

Is Rain the reason for Chennai Floods? Absolutely NOT

***I am not an expert on this topic and I don’t claim factual accuracy. This article has been written based on my understanding of the situation, so feel free to correct me if I am wrong*** During the innumerable debates on Science Vs. Religion, I’ve been fed up with one section blaming the former while the other blames the latter. Blaming SYSTEMS while the actual blame lies on PEOPLE who do nefarious activities hiding behind the cloak of a system, is a favorite past-time for many. The same thing is happening with Chennai Floods. People are blaming the ‘heavy’ rains […]