Short Stories (Fiction)

Ek din ka Raja

“How many kilometers are we from Mumbai Airport?”

 “120 KM, Sir”

 “My flight to Singapore starts two and a half hours from now and we have just started! Why has he built the factory so far away?”

 “The cost of land and labour is very less here, when compared to the suburbs of Mumbai”

 “Was I really required for this call? You guys could have closed it yourselves”

 “They are our long standing customers and your presence as a CEO just helped position our deal in the right perspective. As you know, the competition was trying its best to drop prices and create havoc here”

 “Can you stop the car and get some mineral water from nearby? I am feeling very thirsty”

 “I am afraid we won’t get mineral water in these villages. The nearest town is 45 KM away. But we can drink some tender coconut water, if you are very thirsty”

 “Are they hygienic?”

 “Yes Sir, pretty much. Nothing to worry”

 “Ok then, stop the car. Well have it and leave exactly in five minutes. If we delay, we might miss the flight”

 By the time they finished drinking the tender coconut water, a group of kids were admiring the big car. While he was handing over the money to the vendor, a hundred rupee note accidentally fell off from his purse.  One of the kids noticed this, picked up the money and knocked the door of the car, after they sat inside. Misunderstanding the kid’s gesture for begging, they started the car and made a slight forward movement. On seeing this, the other kids came in the way of the car and started waving their hands – gesturing to stop the car, thereby effectively blocking the car from moving forward. The back door of the car opened”

 “What do you guys want?”

 “Saahb, Apke sow rupiya ka note wahan gir gaya tha. Yeh lijiye..”

 “You stopped the car for giving this 100 Rupees? Do you know the cost of my time? Do you know how much my every second counts? It will be in Dollars, not even in rupees! Do you know what will be the loss to my company if I miss the flight today? You guys can never understand all this. And what can a mere 100 Rupees get you these days? Now, get out of my way”

 “Saahb kya bol raha hai?”

 “Usko yeh paisa nahi chaahiye”

 “O, Shukriya Saahb. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. Aaj mein aap sub ko khilaunga. Hum rasagulla khayenge, mithayiyan khayenge, samose khayenge, nariyal ka paani peyenge aur lassi bhi piye. Bahut maaza aayega. Ek din ka raja bangaye hum. Ek din ka raja. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.“


Destination Infinity

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