Doctor or Engineer

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One smile can do what 100 Wars Cannot.

Vishesh has tagged me to write something that can make others smile. So, I am attempting something โ€“ do let me know if you smiled after reading it ๐Ÿ˜‰

Mom and Dad are talking to a 6 month old kid. The words in the italics are supposed to be the thoughts of the kid, as he cannot speak yet.

Mom: Now eat your dinner properly, you need to grow up and become a Doctor or an engineer right?

Kid: Of all the professions available, I have only two choices in my life – why canโ€™t people be more broad minded!!

Dad: I am sure he wants to become a computer engineer like me.

Kid: Now, there is not even that choice looks like!

Mom: You and your computers, he is very clever โ€“ like his mom, you want to become a Doctor like your mom, right?

Kid: Speaking of doctor, where is my stethoscope toy that I am sure one of you guys should have taken for playing and not yet returned!

Dad: Dear, donโ€™t push him into thinking that only doctors are clever! All that you doctors would have done during your classes is mug up and memorize the whole syllabus. We engineers are more practical people.

Kid: I think, the topic is slightly deviating from what you want me to become!

Mom: Talk about practicality โ€“ You know what most of the engineers do? Sit in the last bench, make a lot of noise, neither study nor participate in the extracurricular activities, and still think that they are practical!

Kid: I am actually slightly impressed by engineering!

Dad: At least, we were enjoying our lives back then, and even now! Just look that the life style that being a software engineer gives you โ€“ Nice salary, on site opportunities and the cool auraโ€ฆโ€ฆ. You just canโ€™t beat that, can you?

Kid: I thought software engineering was about writing codes!

Mom: We doctors beat them in the monetary benefits part. Of course, we would rather prefer to go for a full fledged sight seeing trip totally sponsored by the pharmaceutical companies instead of going on the premise of a job, and roaming around.

Kid: And I thought, being a doctor is about saving lives! These movies are spoiling the kids!!

Dad: Donโ€™t impose your judgment on the kid. I think he has the right to choose the best profession, and I know what he will choose after 16 years โ€“ right dear ๐Ÿ˜‰ ?

Kid: Thatโ€™s correct. I think both the professions are equally hopeless. I would rather become a watchman in a ladies college. Can you beat that?


Destination Infinity

An appeal: This post was inspired from a serial that came in Star Plus a long time back called โ€˜The Wonder Yearsโ€™. If anyone of you reading this has the entire CD collection of Wonder Years, I would love to buy it from you.

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