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Some Photos taken in Perur Patteeswarar Temple, Coimbatore

Perur Patteeswarar Temple Gopuram PhotoIt seems, this temple (Perur Patteeswarar Temple) is known for its archaeological brilliance! The inner shrine was built around 500 AD, presumably by Karikala Cholan, a famous king of the Chola empire in the Southern part of India. There on, various other rulers also contributed to further constructions and renovations to this temple. It seems some of the statues kept in the main hall ‘Kanaga Sabai’ were made by an architect called Kambanachariyar. He carved each of them using a single stone brought from neighboring ‘Marudha Malai’ and it took 28 years to carve the statues and the decorative works on the pillars. Since there is a major ‘Kumbabishekam’ on the 12th of this month (12 November 2010 – 8:20 AM to 9:20 AM), they are renovating the Temple Gopuram and other inner artifacts as well. This Temple is located on the main road that goes to Siruvani, around 6 KM from Coimbatore. A few photos taken there can be seen below:

Decorative Pillars in Perur Patteeswarar Temple CoimbatoreSide Walls Perur Patteeswarar TempleMini Gopuram in Perur Temple CoimbatorePhoto of Kanaga Sabai in Perur Patteeswarar TemplePhoto of Temple Side Wall in Porur Patteeswarar Temple CoimbatorePaintings on the ceiling in Perur Patteeswarar Temple CoimbatoreSculptures (Statues) carved out of a single stone in perur patteeswarar temple coimbatoreDestination InfinityI am Rajesh K, the author of this blog. While this blog is my hobby, I am a Freelance Video Editor by Profession. If you want to make Videos for Business or Special Occasions, do visit my other website WOWSUPER.NET to see the portfolio and get in touch.


  • vishesh

    nice, should visit when I come to kovai 🙂

    Btw, you didn't tell me you moved here… updating the feed now 🙂

    Oh! and you are tagged 😀

    Yeah, I got my own domain quite recently… Thanks for tagging me. I will do that tag…

  • Nanjan Siva

    Thanks for nice pictures. Moreover people expected one ironical and historical event that lotus flower in the temple.

    Did not know about the Lotus flower… Not sure about the event either…

  • Nita

    The colours are brilliant. However it does seem as if some work has been done for restoring the original colours. I think it is not always the right thing to restore the original colours. There is a certain charm in seeing the old faded colours, because one knows that they are old and ancient. What do you think?

    Actually in this temple, through the inner sanctum was built in the 5th century, most of the other structures/ statues were built afterwards – till around 17th century. So, I am nor sure when the old paintings were done, and whether they were there before this renovation works started.

    But generally, I agree with your point. Painting makes them look colourful but the art work loses its brilliance and charm.

  • arvind

    nice pics .. Your log seems to be turning into a travel blog 🙂 .

    I would actually second nita's thought.. temple does look beautiful while it is old .. there was this Huge ekamabreswarar temple near my room in kanchipuram when i studied there. . they were renovating and painting it from more than 2 years.. but the result was never the same had lost its original charm

    Thats true, people who paint for money alone cannot recreate the splendor and artistry of people who paint to create an everlasting marvel and fill their hearts with joy

  • Reema

    Nice snaps..

    U have put captcha code for commenters?? U got to be kidding me!

    Since I have moved out of (This site is self hosted and uses, I get a lot of spam comments. The captcha is the only way to block them! Its a disadvantage, but someday I will be able to afford the paid version of akismet – till then, CAPTCHA is required!

  • Shoba Prakash

    I am a history student and i have a plan to carryon some sorta research on this temple … if someone has any info about it do let me know .. contact : shobacandy[at]gmail[dot]com
    It would be of a grt help 🙂 tysm…

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