My Visit to Regional Science Center, Coimbatore

  Regional Science Center, near CODISSIA Trade Center, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu was a pleasant surprise. I went to attend a Wind Energy expo in CBE and saw the board for this museum/park on the way. Curious, I decided to step in and explore. I am glad I did. This science museum is like Visweswaraiah Museum in Bangalore. It contains scientific exhibits and demonstration models. There are four galleries within the building. The first gallery shows the technologies used in the textile industry, both historic and present times. The above pic shows a handloom machine. The below pic shows a Warping machine. 

Tourist Places to see/visit in and around Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

When you go to Coimbatore and ask the people there about what are the tourist places that one can visit in and around Coimbatore, you could be surprised if they come up with five names! But having visited many places in and around Coimbatore over the last six months, I could say one thing for sure – There are some awesome places to visit in Coimbatore city itself and some breath-taking places to visit around Coimbatore.

Palamalai – A Small hill near Coimbatore for the adventurous

Palamalai, is a small hill near near the sub-urban areas of Coimbatore. From the center of the city, it is located at around 25 KM distance. One needs to go to the Mettuppalayam Road, Periyanayakan Pirivu, Kovanoor and Palamalai. The roads are quite ok, and there was a road going over this small hill – So I thought why not go there and have a look…

Monkey Falls

I am not sure why they are calling this one – Monkey falls! Sure, there are a lot of monkeys around this place, and perhaps the naughtiest ones around this area! The Monkey Falls is just around 4-5 KM from Aliyar Dam & Gardens, towards Valparai hills. In fact, the Monkey Falls is situated on the foothills of the Valparai range of mountains. So, from Coimbatore, its around 65-68 KM (Pollachi Road, Valparai Road). The roads are quite ok. On the way:

Aliyar Dam & Gardens – Near Pollachi, Coimbatore

Does that seem mesmerizing enough to spend an evening in this place? 🙂 Aliyar (Azhiyar) Dam is a scenic locality located in the foot hills of Valparai mountains. From Coimbatore, one has to travel to the nearby town of Pollachi (35 KM) and then take the road that goes to Valparai. This Aliyar dam & gardens are located about 25 KM from Pollachi, in the Valparai road. So, from Coimbatore, its just 60-65 KM. Its located on the highway itself.

G.D.Naidu Museum & Industrial Exhibition in Coimbatore

G.D.Naidu (1893 – 1974) was an eminent inventor and industrialist from Coimbatore, India. What’s interesting about this inventor is he never studied more than the primary level! In fact, even at an young age, he hated the system so much that the threw mud in the face of his teachers (Twice. Back then, there were no slates but one needed to write using fingers on sand). So, naturally he was sent out of school and perhaps that should have been a very happy incident for our young G.D.Naidu! It seems he was quite mischievous during his early years and he […]