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Kovai Kuttralam – Sizzling Water Falls in Coimbatore

Kovai Kuttralam Falls First GlimpseKovai Kuttralam is a scenic waterfalls amidst a protected forest area near Coimbatore. Its located at about 35 KM from the city and is situated in the road that goes to Siruvani Dam from Coimbatore (Okkadam-Perur-Karunya). Its better to have our own mode of transport as government busses stop at the first check post (where one road goes towards Siruvani Dam and another towards Kovai Kuttralam) which is around 4 KM before the second one, beyond which no vehicles are allowed as it is a protected forest area. From the second check post, a 1 KM walk takes you right to the falls. A nice scenic locality so near the city – good for a half day picnic. I have published some photographs that I took there below.

On the way to Kovai Kuttralam (During the 4 KM ride):

On the way to kovai kuttralam falls view of the trees and road during 1 km walkOn the way to Kovai Kuttralam (During the 1 KM Walk):

elevated pathway to kovai kutralam fallsThe elevated pathway was a bit flexible and hence was fun, but the monkeys all along the pathway make you nervous!

observatory in kovai kutralam falls for hill viewThere is a small observatory for a clear view of the surrounding hills and valley.

hill view from kovai kutralam The view was much better than what you can see in the above photo, but my cell phone camera doesn’t take long shots well!

Just before reaching Kovai Kutralam:

Just before reaching kovai kutralam fallsKovai Kutralam Falls:

kovai kutralam falls photokovai kuttralam falls photokovai kutralam falls close up viewkovai kuttralam falls view from topkovai kutralam bottomkovai kutralam view from belowI have taken a couple of videos of the Kovai Kutralam falls too, which you can see by clicking here and here.

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  • kanagu

    The pics are really nice 🙂 May I know when the season is for Kovai Kuttralam.. so that I can plan the next visit properly 🙂

    yeah.. monkeys always makes me nervous 🙁 🙁

    I think this is a perennial falls, but any season other than the summer should be fine…

  • V Rakesh

    Wonderful pictures, every single one of them! Loved the 2nd one! Convey some meaning that appeals to the inside!

    Thanks for posting, atleast now I get to see Kutralam!

    This is kovai kutralam, kutralam is a different water falls I guess… This is also referred to as Siruvani Falls here. It seems, Siruvani river water is the second tastiest water in the world, and whole of coimbatore gets water from this river! 🙂

  • arvind

    hmm … cool .. I have been to lot of falls in last 10-12 months ..more than 4 … Its always refreshing to visit these places .. i visited monkey falls last year this time in november which is in pollachi.. u can check that out … its near by your place i guess

    I really appreciate such suggestions – The problem with this place is, not many seem to know what tourist places are nearby! Monkey falls will be added to my 'to visit' destinations!

  • Avada Kedavra

    I love visiting falls and this one looking like a good one.. never heard of it but beautiful pics!!! will definitely try visiting this 🙂

    Falls always have their own charm, and in this one, even the way that leads to the falls is charming! 🙂 Its a refreshing change from the city atmosphere…

  • Nita

    Amazing that you took these pics with a cell phone camera. They are very pretty and I love the forest and the waterfall one. I liked that blue effect.

    The direct view of that scenery was even better… I had previously used a Moto Rokr cell phone camera and even those pictures came out well. I guess 2 MP is enough for most of the near end capturing. But for long shots, these are not good

  • niranjan anandakrishna

    wonderful, 4 days is not enough to spend time in and around coimbatore. you are great, u had identified some wonderful places. can u please give an iterinary, so that place of halt ie. hotel, and the chronology of going to thoses places, it would be helpful to others

  • R.Raghav

    Can i get the contact number of forest office. so that i can check with them in prior , whether they would allow us to bath in the falls.
    Planning to go Day after tomorrow (Sunday, 24.07.2016)

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