TNAU Botanical Garden Coimbatore

Pine Trees in TNAU Botanical Garden CoimbatoreTamil Nadu Agriculture University is situated in Coimbatore and maintains this huge 300 Acre Botanical Garden called the TNAU Botanical Garden. There are so many varieties of plants and trees you can find there, and each species is labeled with its common name as well as scientific name. Tourists are allowed inside (for an entry fees of Rs. 10) and it is very very green all over the place! They also have certain plants in incubators where the conditions (temperature, etc) are regulated for their growth. They also maintain a nursery where they not only sell plants but help people with techniques of plant growing like plant husbandry, organic pesticides etc. Once you are inside, its like a forest, and you ought to be careful with the type of big mosquitoes and ants that are present there! especially if you wish to explore every nook and corner. They conduct plant/ flower shows once in a year (in the month of January) where about a lakh of people visit to see the various plants and flowers grown in-house as well as the ones imported for the event. I have taken a lot of photos there, and I have published a few in this post. Enjoy 🙂

Update: Photos taken during the 2011 edition of Covai Flower Show in TNAU Botanical gardens premises.

TNAU botanic gardens coimbatoreThe road inside tamil nadu agriculture university botanic gardensstylish coconut tree in TNAU botanic gardens Coimbatoresome tree in TNAU botanical gardens coimbatoredecorative shrubs in TNAU Botanic garden coimbatorephoto of nice tree in TNAU botanic gardens coimbatorebushy shrub in TNAU botanical gardens coimbatoretiruvalluvar statue photo in TNAU botanic gardens coimbatorecolourful flowers and butterflies at TNAU botanic garden coimbatoredifferent type of tree found in TNAU botanical gardenbaniyan tree in tnau botanic garden coimbatorefern tree in tnau botanic garden coimbatoretypes of cactus in tamil nadu agriculture university botanic garden coimbatorelist of flowers and the message they convey to our feelingsDestination Infinity

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    1. Even I like this clickcha.. nice pics DI!!

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  2. Wow! I never knew abt flowers n feelings 🙂

    Interesting 🙂

    The problem our people have when they put up from western journals is, they don't adapt it to the local audience. In that above picture for example, the flower names are all in English and most of them we are not sure about! But if they had put the names of the flowers in Tamil and Hindi, it would have been easy for people to understand. A picture, would have been better still!

  3. Botanical Garden.. Its a wonderful place for Lovers.. Especially after visiting Botanical garden only my love got Success.. I wont forget this place in my life.. Thanks Friends who Make this wonderful Lovers Mahal..

  4. 16 May 2016,
    Very Poor Maintenance. Best example of exploitation of trees and nature. Remedial actions must be taken forthwith.

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