Aliyar Dam & Gardens – Near Pollachi, Coimbatore

aliyar dam hills and waterDoes that seem mesmerizing enough to spend an evening in this place? 🙂 Aliyar (Azhiyar) Dam is a scenic locality located in the foot hills of Valparai mountains. From Coimbatore, one has to travel to the nearby town of Pollachi (35 KM) and then take the road that goes to Valparai. This Aliyar dam & gardens are located about 25 KM from Pollachi, in the Valparai road. So, from Coimbatore, its just 60-65 KM. Its located on the highway itself.

On the way:

on the way to aliyar dam (valparai road)We need to walk up to see the water and hills surrounding it. The climb is worth it!

steps on the way up to aliyar dam Pictures taken while walking over the Aliyar Dam. For some reason, boating was not allowed when I went.

aliyar dam walkway water and hillsphotos of hills taken while walking over aliyar azhiyar dam Aliyar Gardens/ Park is just below the Aliyar Dam. The entrance ticket for Aliyar Dam/ park is Rs.4/-. Its quite neatly maintained. There is also an aquarium next to this park, but I didn’t go there.

aliyar azhiyar gardens parkaliyar gardens flowing wateraliyar garden/ park photosa stylish banana tree in aliyar park/ gardentortoise in aliyar dam/ parkaliyar garden

Good thing about Aliyar Dam/ Park is, there are some shops around this place to have some snacks/ get refreshed. Its especially useful if one is traveling to Valparai (I saw a board that the next petrol bunk was 40 KM away from this place) as the road after this, goes right around and over the hills.

It seems Valparai, is a non-commercialized hill station (perhaps a bit like Munnar) but that was another 40 KM drive from this place. On my bike, I would become too tired if I climb hills! Perhaps some other day! I did go to the Monkey falls which was just about 3 KM from here. I will post the photos from there next week.

Video slide-show of some more photos taken at Azhiyar Dam and Gardens:

Video courtesy: Youtube (3 min: 8 sec)

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20 thoughts on “Aliyar Dam & Gardens – Near Pollachi, Coimbatore

    1. I had almost dropped the idea of going there, as it was 65 KM from Cbe. But I was glad that I did go at last. Do visit, its a nice break.

      Destination Infinity

    1. I sort of like the pictures which my cell phone camera is taking. Did you see the reddish tint in the first picture, I sort of like the way this phone is rendering images 🙂 That’s why I am not thinking about buying a DC, right now.

      Destination Infinity

    1. I think there is an Aliyar river flowing by in that area. They also have a hydro electric project nearby it seems. But the dam mainly is for catching waters for irrigation purpose… The lake is huge, there is also one small island in between the lake!

      Destination Infinity

    1. Actually, the real view was quite different, but the camera has captured it this way! All the images were captured in broad 12′ Clock Afternoon and hence I don’t understand where that fog in the picture comes from 🙂

      Destination Infinity

  1. Nostalgia… grew up here for 3 years when i was young. Thanks for the photos… i think i will now make a trip to see how things are after almost 20 years!!!!

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