H A Gass Forest Museum, Coimbatore

A stuffed leopard at H A Gass Forest Museum Coimbatore A huge stuffed Gaur and the above leopard welcomes you at the H A Gass Forest Museum in Coimbatore. This museum is located inside the Forest College premises at R.S.Puram. I must say, it is a huge campus with a lot of greenery. Like the IIT Campus in Chennai, this one is also like a mini forest in the heart of a city.

H A Gass Museum building in coimbatore from outsideThe building was constructed in the beginning of last century, with iron pillars supporting itΒ Β  from different directions. Burma Teak has been used exhaustively, like all the buildings of those times and even the steps are still wooden. That’s a stark reminder of how much connection this museum has to the woods!

exhibits at the forest college museum coimbatoreThe arrangement of exhibits in itself is a treat to the eye! There are two floors – a ground floor and first floor filled with all sort of exhibits – Stuffed birds/ animals, reptiles,Β  plants, samples of the various types of tree wood, skeletons, weapons, models of houses made of wood, forest ranger uniform, and almost everything else found in a forest.

birds at forest college museum coimbatoreThe Great Indian Hornbill - Stuffed photo in forest college coimbatoreThe above stuffed photo is of a bird called The Great Indian Hornbill. There were many more stuffed birds in the museum. It seems the museum started due to the enthusiasm of one Englishman called H A Gass in around 1905. Most of the exhibits were from his personal collections back then. It seems a lot of it was lost during the World War II . But later on, the collections were gradually increased.

posters in h a gass forest college museum coimbatoreThere were a lot of informational posters on ecology, forestry, nature conservation, renewable sources of energy etc. The below poster for example says this : “Is the best way to protect a natural area to seal it off in a closed jar from the outside human world? Sooner or later, such a policy can destroy the area it was intended to protect! Ecological and sociological pressures – both inside and outside – eventually may shatter the reserve. MAB emphasizes man’s partnership with nature. A reserve is (should be?) open and interacts with its region. The local people can be its guardians.”

conservation parks for wild animals - is it good or bad?Taking a shot at the national conservation parks, and human attitude towards animals at the same time? But there is a point – some of the conservation parks have actually seen a decline in wild animal population it was set up to conserve!

weapons used to hunt on display at the gass forest museum coimbatoreThe weapons used to hunt, were displayed alongside with everything else. Have a look at those two long guns just above the window. Wonder how people even carried it, leave alone shooting with it!

stuffed bengal vulture kept at the h a gass forest college museum coimbatoreThe size of this Bengal vulture was daunting! It was kept right above my face, and looking up I was intimidated a bit, to say the least πŸ™‚ I thought this was the best exhibit, especially its placement location!

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16 thoughts on “H A Gass Forest Museum, Coimbatore

    1. Most people here do not know about the tourist places around coimbatore! Had to pick up clues from books, Internet etc. Do visit once Nita, I guess this place should be very different from Western India.

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    1. That vulture is bigger than what you can see in the photo. I should have given a caption “Objects in the photo are bigger than how they appear” next to the photo! πŸ™‚

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    1. The full sized photo makes it look very big, but the vulture was much bigger than the hornbill. Its an interesting bird with a huge beak!

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  1. The Bengal vulture is really scary.. the whole place must be little creepy right.. but very interesting collection from the looks of it.. there are so many museums and interesting places in Coimbatore.. thanks for such informative posts πŸ™‚

    1. There are two more museums in Coimbatore on my list, which I may drop. Lets see what else I can get to click in this place….

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    1. I have been to Egmore museum, but then I was very young! Don’t remember much really. Now that looks like a perfect place to go very soon πŸ™‚

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        1. Yeah, the museum was awesome. I just wish that I could have spent more time reading all the posters there…

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