Ramayana Theme Park, Coimbatore

Ramayan theme park entrance hanuman opening his chest How’s that for an entrance? The Ramayana Theme Park is located in the campus of Ramakrishna Mission, Periyanayakan Palayam, Mettuppalayam Road, Coimbatore. There are a few games and rides that kids (below 15 years) can play, and they are modeled on the various important events in the Hindu Epic ‘Ramayana’.

photo of slide in ramayana theme park, ramakrishna mission,  coimbatore Looks like a nice slide to play on? Wait till you see whats behind it:

photo taken at ramayan theme park, periyanayakan palayam, coimbatoreAAAAAAAAAAAAAA – How I would have loved to take a couple of kids along with me to this place 😛 This rakshasi is called Tatakaaaaaa 🙂 It seems Vishwamitra was being troubled by her and he requested Dasaratha to send Rama and Lakshmana to kill her, which they did and hence he taught a lot of mantras to them with which they could summon powerful weapons to destroy evil forces.

The Lakshman rekha game at the Ramayan theme park, coimbatoreSo, this one is the Lakshman Rekha game. Someone needs to sit on that chair and pedal it along the circular track (maybe someone needs to push it from behind!)

Rishyamukha mountain in the Ramayana theme park coimbatoreWell, that’s the Rishyamukha mountain – Rama first met Sugreeva here where he was hiding from Vali.

ramayana theme park, coimbatore photosThis one is one of the very few pleasant looking games, quite different from the various rakshasas and rakshasis that adore this park! For instance have a look at this:

surasa swing game in the ramayana theme park at coimbatoreI wonder which kid would like to sit on that swing and go in to the mouth of this rakshasi – Surasaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! 🙂 It seems when Hanuman was on his way to Lanka, this rakshasi was hungry and opened its mouth so that it can eat Hanuman. But Hanuman got bigger and bigger in form and made it open its mouth more and more. Then he suddenly became smaller and entered the mouth and got out of it instantly. Then the rakshasi tells him that it was a test for Hanuman and he would reach his destination soon.

explanation of the surasa incident in ramayan story in ramayana theme park coimbatoreSo, for each ride, the corresponding story from Ramayana is also given in a board next to it, like the above. Perhaps the elders could read it and refresh their knowledge about Ramayana while the kids are playing!

see saw in ramayan theme park coimbatore bharata meditating before the throne waiting for ramaThis see saw is in between Bharata and the Throne of Ayodhya where Bharata was waiting for Rama to end his exile and come back to Ayodhya. Bharata had requested the slippers of Rama, which he placed on the throne and was ruling on behalf of Rama, till he came back.

photo of kabandha rakshasa in ramayan theme park coimbatoreWell this one is my favorite! This is Kabandhaaaaaaa rakshasaaaaa :O It seems Indira cursed him (due to his evil deeds) to attain this form till Rama and Lakshmana come and cut off its hands, which is what they did, and he was freed of this form!

So, I guess if people have kids at home who are doing a lot of mischief, they could be brought here for playing 😀 while the elders can have some fun 🙂 It seems they are planning to create a similar theme park next to this one on ‘Mahabharata’. One can hope that the number of rakshasas will be less there 🙂

You can see some more photos taken at the Ramayan Theme park in Coimbatore, from the below embedded video slide show (Youtube, 2 min: 53 sec).

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33 thoughts on “Ramayana Theme Park, Coimbatore

    1. Yeah, I am doing both planned and unplanned exploration… The Palamalai post I did earlier was mentioned to me by the people in this park.

      Destination Infinity

    1. Yeah, they have a limit of being below 15 years for playing there… Maybe if we can convince them on this point, they might allow us 😀

      Destination Infinity

  1. seems to be a interesting place , it would be good to take kids knowing there curiosity i am sure they can learn something … maybe the park people can have some stories put up so kids can read and when kids are having fun they will read all and enjoy tooo 🙂

    lovely pics


    1. They have the stories put up on a board against each ride, not sure if kids would read them. Maybe the parents can explain about the story behind each game when the kids are playing it…

      Destination Infinity

  2. The park is very very interesting D.I. and with an interesting storyline too! Both kids and adults can enjoy…like you said, we can read the story and kids can play! Every game is interesting!

    If and when we go to Coimbatore, I will look for places to visit in your blog!

    1. I was lucky to have all this time to go around coimbatore…. Glad that all this information would be useful to atleast one person 🙂

      Destination Infinity

    1. At last, apart from me one person thinks that the rakshasas are intimidating! Back then, we had only two channels (on TV) and when the Mahabharata or Ramayana was played, there was no option but to see them – we used to see them for the fights! So, there was no other option for us, but this generation has a lot of options! Anyways its good to know about the mythology along with science and maths, I guess.

      Destination Infinity

  3. This is very interesting!
    Ofcourse, it creates a lot of awareness about our purana epics, and its characters,,,and it should be easy for parents to narrate the story…its like learn while you play tactics!
    And it can also be used as double edged sword…if a young child is not listening to its parents, they can simply say, “If you don’t listen, I will take you to the boochandi park” 😀

  4. I have never heard about this park…people only talk about Black Thunder on Mettupalayam road….anyways..i am very happy to find a blog that writes about coimbatore…ha my hometown too….HELLO…will be coming back often…

    1. If you ask the people of Coimbatore, they would say that there is nothing to see around here! I already have visited about 13 places and there are two more still to be visited… 🙂 And I have not even visited Palakkad yet! Welcome here.

      Destination Infinity

  5. Thankyou for publishing this very interesting story. Please publish more such interesting stories so that people get motivated and interested in our ancient culture after reading them.

  6. Very nice to know about it.May I know the entrance fee for the ramayan park and when the visitors are allowed to visit ? can i have the reply within immly?

    1. I think it was 10 or 20 rupees – the entrance fees (per person). I think you can just drop in anytime in the day – Perhaps you could check with Ramakrishna Missions Coimbatore if you have a specific day for visiting?

      Destination Infinity

  7. Can anyone tell me who is responsible for the very innovative and creative design work behind the Ramayana Park in Coimbatore? I would like to know their name and how to contact them! Congratulations on a great job!

  8. Hello Rajesh

    I am an editor with a parenting magazine ParentEdge. Are you ok with us using some of your pictures in our article? We will give a credit line below the photo, with your name.


  9. Whoa! This is such a great way to teach Ramayana to kids (and elders for that matter) 🙂
    I have been in Cbe for 10 years and never bumped into/ heard of this place… next time, I will definitely go 🙂
    Amazing! 😀

  10. Really an appreciable theme park, which will sough our ancient purana events in each and every mind. In their life time, everyone must visit atleast once this park.

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