Govt Museum (Opp VOC Park) & Bharathi Park in Coimbatore

Right opposite to the VOC Zoo & Park, and in the Nehru stadium complex, the Government Museum is located among the shops. Its quite small and hence I had almost missed it, when I went to the VOC Park earlier.

madurai veeran statue in coimbatore govt museum near voc parkThis is the stone sculpture of ‘Madurai Veeran’ (Brave man of Madurai), which was made sometime during the 19th Century and is housed among the other sculptures in this museum.

The museum has a collection of old coins from various countries, articles made using wood and bamboo used by the tribals, zoological specimen, and various articles made and used by people who had lived in and around Coimbatore region. It also has a section on how the characters (Script) used in Tamil Language evolved over the centuries.

palm leaf manuscript - oolai chuvadi - govt museum coimbatoreThese are some of the palm leaf manuscripts used by the people to record (write) important events and things, before the invention of books and printing press. The knife like instrument which you see on the extreme left hand side is used to write on them.

burial earthern pot used before 2000 years in india in govt museum coimbatoreThis is the photo of a large burial earthen pot used before 2000 years. They used to put all the things used / liked by the people inside this and bury them.

sculptures in government museum coimbatoreThere is a separate section for ancient sculptures made in this region, and there is even a stone carved dinosaur in this section! Apart from this, there is a display of books published by the Museum department staff on various topics like – various musical instruments used over the years, various botanical plant species, etc.

Bharathi park, is a small park near the Avinashilingam University campus, near Mettupalayam road in Coimbatore. Its a normal park, being renovated now, and is fine for a morning or evening walk. I have published some photos that I took there, below.

photo of statue of woman in bharathi park coimbatorecreepers in bharathi park coimbatorebharathi park, coimbatorebharathi park coimbatorebharathi park coimbatorebharathiar painting in bharati park coimbatore

The last picture contains the painting of Bharathiar, a famous poet in Tamil Nadu. This park is named after him.

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    1. I have a HTC mobile now. Previously I had Moto Rokr – both can take good photos. I think most of the mobiles are fitted with good cameras. If you have a larger screen in the mobile, it helps to preview the area that needs to be photographed.

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    1. The museum is quite small, but located at a prime area. Along with the renovation of the buildings, they could also get some more exhibits. But people also should contribute by visiting these museums – They charge only 5 rupees for entrance.

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    1. Coimbatore does seem to have some interesting places to visit, but most of the people here don’t go out much. These days, things are changing slightly.

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    I felt very proud about covai & Sir.Naidu
    But sorry for our goverment Specialy the information dep,For not doing in it’s role .

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