Muthu – Oruvan Oruvan… & Bharathi – Nirpadhuve Nadapadhuve… Two Tamil Philosophical Songs!

In this post, I present to you the translation of two Tamil Philosophical songs that I like very much. I have presented only the English translation from the Tamil songs, and have not included the Tamil lyrics. Of course, translation can never be done precisely, especially for philosophical songs! But I have tried my best. Translating the first song is easy, but the second one is very difficult!

Muthu – Oruvan Oruvan Mudhalali….

Muthu – Oruvan Oruvan Mudhalali on Youtube

Movie – Muthu ; Music – A R Rehman; Lyrics – Vairamuthu

“There is only one employer (God),

Everyone else are employees….

A losing person thinks about fate,

Winning over destiny is the mark of cleverness…

Why is a weapon required to win the world?

Is a weapon required to pluck a flower?

Why do you need a battlefield to amass Gold/Expensive things?

The whole world is yours the moment you renounce Desire!

Man longs for land,

Land longs for man…

Its the land that wins in the end,

But the mind is in refusal to accept this…

If you have some money in your hands,

You are its owner…

If you have money till your neck (lot of it),

Its your owner…

The sky is yours; the land is yours;

Why fight for natural resources? (that are already yours)

Bharathi – Nirpadhuve, Nadappadhuve, Parappadhuve…

Bharathi – Nirpadhuve, Nadappadhuve, Parappadhuve in Youtube

Movie – Bharathi; Music Director – Illayaraja; Lyricist – Bharathiar (Taken from one of his earlier poems)

“Those which stand, Those which walk, Those which fly,

Are these just dreams? Deceptive forms?

The things that we learn, the things that we hear, the things that we understand,

Are these things just an illusion? Is there a deep meaning in them at all?

The (wide) sky, the (young) sunlight, the tree (branches),

Are these things like fake tears? Just an aberration in sight?

Since whatever has happened has been buried in the past,

Am I also a dream? Is the world falsehood in entirety?

I am not able to translate the third paragraph – If someone can help me on the same, it will be helpful. Also, I have just plainly translated the words into English, not sure if there is a deeper meaning in the second song. If someone knows Tamil very well, and can make out such meanings or can make a better translation, do let me know in the comments section.

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8 thoughts on “Muthu – Oruvan Oruvan… & Bharathi – Nirpadhuve Nadapadhuve… Two Tamil Philosophical Songs!

  1. Mannin Meedhu Manidhanukkaasai
    Manidhan Meedhu Mannukkaasai) – 2
    Mandhaan Kadaisiyil Jeyikkiradhu
    Idhai Manamdhaan Unara Marukkiradhu
    “Kaiyil Konjam Kaasu Irudhaal
    Needhaan Adharku Ejamaanan
    Kazhuththu Varaikkum Kaasu
    Irundhaal Adhudhaan Unakku Ejamaanan
    Vaazhvin Arththam Purindhuvidu
    Vaazhkkaiyai Vaarik Kudiththuvidu”… This is best para of the song (oruvan…)
    Both are beautiful compositions… thanks for sharing DI 🙂

    1. I too wanted to put the lyrics here, but since its available elsewhere and also since this blog is read by Non-Tamil readers too, I didn’t do it… Thanks for putting it up (the best part) in the comments section…

      Destination Infinity

  2. Both are my favorite songs for the lyrics. Appreciate your effort to translate so that other language people knew understand.

    ‘Kaiyil Konjam kaasu irundhaal neethaan atharkku ejamaanan
    kazuthu varaikkum kaasu irundhaal adhudhaan unakku ejamaanan’

    My favorite lines.

    1. Absolutely – they are my favorite lines too… We used to have such good lyrics! I hope we can see some more good lyrics in the future too…

      Destination Infinity

  3. Shall we start like this?
    One man One man Proprietor
    Others in the world are employees
    Thinking of Fate is foolishness
    And overcoming it is intelligence…

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