MGR Samadhi & Anna Samadhi near Marina Beach in Chennai

Update: Here are some recent (2016) photos from MGR Samadhi/memorial along with Dr. J. Jayalalithaa’s Samadhi/Memorial.

MGR Samadhi

M G Ramachandran (Called MGR) is the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu (1977-1987). There is a beautiful memorial built for his Samadhi near Marina beach, which is visited by a lot of people every year.

MGR Samadhi Arch Tower in ChennaiIt seems, MGR was the first prominent film personality to be elected as a Chief Minister in India. He was earlier with the DMK and then formed his own party ADMK afterwards. Under MGR, ADMK won all the elections it contested in Tamil Nadu.

MGR Samadhi Entrance Arch in ChennaiThe entrance for MGR Memorial has been beautifully constructed (above photo). MGR was a huge film hero of his times. Though I have watched some of his movies, I am not very familiar with his films. It seems, during the introductory songs in his movies people were not able to hear anything in the theatres – the sound was so deafening!

MGR statue in MGR samadhi, ChennaiMGR has acted, produced and even directed movies. It seems he was responsible for popularizing the free mid day meals for children who attend corporation schools, which led to a remarkable increase in the number of school enrollments. MGR was awarded the Bharat Ratna award posthumously.

MGR Samadhi Arch in morning photo Chennai near marina beach

Anna Samadhi

Anna Samadhi Entrance near marina beach in chennaiPeraringar Anna Durai, popularly called as Anna (Meaning Elder brother in Tamil) was the first Non-Congress Chief Minister of any state in India, which had its own majority. He was also the founder of the Dravidar Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) Party. Before founding the party, he was a member of Dravidar Kazhagam (DK) party headed by Periyar. But since Periyar decided not to contest in elections, Annadurai split from DK to form DMK.

Anna Statue below giant elephant tusks in Anna Square ChennaiAnna was a popular script writer (in Tamil movies) and he has also written a lot of books. He is a very famous orator and was the editor of few magazines. Anna was fluent in both Tamil and English. Both the political parties in TN (DMK and AIADMK) consider Anna as their mentor.

Anna Samadhi (Memorial) near Marina Beach Chennai Anna Square Anna (and DMK) opposed the move to make Hindi the official language and to be taught compulsorily in all schools. He adopted a two language formula when elected as Chief Minister (1967-1969). He was also responsible for changing the name of Madras State to Tamil Nadu.

Anna Samadhi in ChennaiLot of institutions / public utilities are named after him. For example, the Anna Salai (previously called as Mount Road), Anna Nagar (Residential area), ADMK/AIADMK (Political party), Aringnar Anna Zoo, Anna University, etc. Perhaps no other leader in Tamil Nadu has so many things named after them!

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28 thoughts on “MGR Samadhi & Anna Samadhi near Marina Beach in Chennai

    1. Even I don’t know much about Anna, but his name is very popular here in TN. So, I thought why not atleast read Wikipedia article on him 🙂

      Destination Infinity

  1. Though most of tamils knew these facts, it’s very informative for non tamils.

    Pics are nice, I’ve never seen these places in night.

    1. I actually went twice – once in the day and once in the night in two weeks. So, I got night pictures as well.

      Destination Infinity

    1. Half of what is written here, even I myself was clueless about (prior to writing)!

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  2. I have seen these samadhis from outside but never went near them!

    Have you noticed? People remove their chappals and go near MGR samadhi and some people tonsure their heads also and offer the hair to him, I have heard! He is a semi god for many rural people!

    Nice photoes! I am knowing more about Chennai through you!

    1. OMG, I went there around 12:00 PM in May afternoon – Imagine if someone had come there without chappals! Going there with chappals itself is an achievement at that time 🙂

      Destination Infinity

  3. Anna and mgr memorial was simply superb that was a example of our art design.the both leaders are still alive in our hearts

  4. உலகில் மிக அழகான நீண்ட,கடற்கரை நம் மெரினா

  5. Both these landmarks on Merina were designed and built by Kalignar M.Karunanithi during his tenure as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu in 1969 and 1989 respectively.

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