The ‘uncommon’ email address!

In one of my jobs, we used to sub-contract some small works to small contractors and some of them were based out of the city. One day, I was talking to a new contractor and told him that I need him to fill up a form and return it to me. The following conversation happened between us:

Me: So, can you give your mail address so that I can send you the form?

Him: No. 5, Sara….

Me: No. Give me your email address. Its faster, and you can fill up the form in electronic format and send it to us.

Him: muthu (Long pause)

Me: Ok, muthu should have a trailing email domain right? Like ‘@’ , ‘@’ , ‘@’ – What’s yours?

Him: (After thinking for a couple of seconds)

Me: muthu@WINDOWS.COM ???!!!

Him: Yes.

Me: Ok, can we have your office address again? No. 5, Sara…

Even Bill Gates may not be having that premium email domain!! 😀

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