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Photos of Caged birds and Fishes in Pet Aqua Show, Chennai

It seems, this Pet Aqua Show exhibition happens every year and this year it was conducted in Valluvar Kottam from 18th to 21st August in Chennai. Actually, I went to take photos of the Valluvar Kottam itself (There is a huge stone chariot there), but since this show was going on, I thought why not give it a visit?


When I was young, we used to get excited about pets and request our parents to have one. But they refused. Back then it was thrilling – the concept of having a pet, I mean.

silver fish with orange finsThe closest I have got to having a pet was having a single red mouli in a big horlicks bottle. Somehow, it survived for six months. Then we kids decided not to buy any more fishes. What purpose was it serving? We couldn’t play with them like the cats or dogs.

colourful bird in cageWe were living in flats and there was a dog called ‘Terri’ which was a common for all the residents. Actually, it was brought by one of the residents. They didn’t want to keep it inside the house, so they allowed it to roam around the apartment grounds. Somehow, the other residents were cool about it.

exotic fish like cornIt seems that this dog, ‘Terri’ was brought from a rural side jungle. But it showed amazing maturity and amazing understanding for human words and actions. In fact, this small dog would bark and send away big cows, other road-side dogs from the flat grounds!

blue parrot in cageThis dog knew exactly who were insiders, who were relatives of the insiders and who were outsiders. Even when outsiders come, it doesn’t actually bark. It will go near them and gauge them for a moment. Only if it feels suspicious, it will bark – And this was a rarity. (Remember, the ground was common to all the residents of the flats).

blue dolphin fishThere were a total of four separate apartments, all in the same compound. And all these flats had an equal area left barren. Only the front side grounds were plain and kept well. The land on the back-side of the flats were pretty much like a large un-kept garden. There were even some trees there. There was a large eucalyptus tree where a huge Kite made a large nest. That bird was big!

silky fan tailThere used to be cats also. One cat used to stay at our house balcony for one week immediately after it gave birth to 3-4 kittens. When the big cat is near the kittens, it will not allow us to go near them. But when it goes out, we used to play with the small kittens.

exotic fish in aquariumThese days, I feel its better not to have a pet if we are not able to properly take care of it. There was a ‘Rajapalayam’ Dog in one of our friends place and they were complaining that it bit the owner. Why won’t it bite? They were having it in a small cage and when this incident happened, they ‘forgot’ to take it out for a walk for a couple of days. Imagine the plight of the dog, living in a closed cage for 3 days!

My experience with how animals were treated around me when I was growing up were pretty positive. I don’t like the concept of keeping animals or birds or even fishes in a cage for days together. I don’t know what purpose it really solves – There are umpteen other ways of decorating your house.

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  • Sandhya

    The Terri story is interesting! So, you are familiar with kittens…aren’t they most entertaining?

    Yes, we should not bring animals home if we can’t take care of them properly. We love dogs but after our Andrew, we didn’t get a new one, since we think that our age may not permit us to keep one. We have to take dogs to walks, bathe them, pet them etc. If we don’t have time or patience, there is no meaning in bringing them home and hurting them.

    Cats are fine for now…not much work and we need some sort of distraction from our daily routine.

    • Rajesh K

      Cats are interesting. I knew a person who had a cat – It was adopted when it was already grown up. So, this cat goes out whenever it wants, comes back home for rest and milk etc. It was pretty independent!

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  • kavita

    Interesting post , i enjoyed your pictures ! Where is Stone chariot picture :):) We have a lab . and it does take a lot of effort and time to take proper care of him ,in fact it is like having another kid .

    • Rajesh K

      I will make a separate post on that Stone Chariot in VK. I am sure it takes quite a bit of effort to maintain a dog. I think its good to adopt animals, but we should not keep them confined to a cage – that’s all!

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    • Rajesh K

      From some 60 pics, I was able to put up only 8! The lighting was very dull there so pictures didn’t come out well. Otherwise, the fishes kept moving here and there – so couldn’t take photos of some.

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  • Avada Kedavra must not bring pets if they cannot care for them. Most people use them for decoration. We were contemplating on getting some fish home. But after watching “Finding Nemo” (not sure if you have seen that movie), I am against having fish as pets. It will be so suffocating for them to be confined in that glass container forever.

    • Rajesh K

      Its actually a chain – Because people buy them, others capture them and put them into small fish tanks. Not seen that movie yet, but I will remember – I am watching quite a number of English movies these days…

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  • chhavi

    No pets for me please! Pets scare the hell out me, DI. If I see a dog on the street my heart starts pounding 🙁
    A completely agree with you when you say there are other ways of decorating one’s house. Caged animals always make me blue 🙁

    • Rajesh K

      I am quite ok with pets, but not ok with insects. Especially flying types. I think dog’s are fine as long as they don’t group. Just like a mob of people, they are dangerous too…

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  • Aiz

    i too don’t like to keep animals caged or bound. basically we are restricting their natural freedom and it is so selfish.. when i see people or scientists who disturb wildlife for research or something; i honestly wish they just stop researching than invading their territory and caging them as if they were slaves..

    • Rajesh K

      I guess they use only a fraction of animals/creatures for research. We lose more directly to unnecessary human greed. I too have a strong opinion against these zoo’s. At an age when we can see all the animals on TV at our home itself, I wonder why they are required at all?

      Destination Infinity

  • Kiran @

    This post got me all teary eyed thinking about my pet, a german shepard dog named Johnny. We had him during childhood and he died on my birthday when I was around 8 years old. So sad 🙁 Never had a pet ever since. Just couldn’t.

    • Rajesh K

      One of my friend had a German Shepard – Its an awesome dog isn’t it? But their house was small, so they gave it away to someone else. I have gone to his house just to see the dog 🙂

      Destination Infinity

  • prinson

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