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The funniest movie ever made? – It’s a Mad Mad Mad World!!

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‘It’s a Mad Mad Mad World’ is a darn funny movie released in 1963, written by William Rose/Tania Rose and directed by Stanley Kramer. It starts with a man recklessly driving and crashing near a highway and ‘divulging’ the secret of where a stolen trunk full of money is kept. The random group of strangers who get to know the secret try to come to an agreement on how to split the money among themselves. Since they cannot reach an agreement, the RACE to the TREASURE begins.

Initially I was sitting on our sofa and watching the movie. Since I laughed so much, I couldn’t sit any more and I lied down on the sofa. Since the laughter did not lessen at all, I fell down from the sofa and was laughing on the floor. If you ever want to experience what ROFL (Rolling On the Floor Laughter) is, you better watch this movie. It made me roll on the floor!!!

Fortunately, the power went off and I was able to see only 75% of the movie by then. If the movie had continued, I might have suffered from whatever condition that results from over-laughing. Then I went to landmark, bought the CD and watched the whole movie immediately afterwards.

It’s EASILY the FUNNIEST movie that I have ever seen till now. Don’t miss to see this movie, if you ever get a chance. Even if you don’t get a chance, just scout all around your town and beg, borrow or buy the CD/DVD from anywhere. Comedy just can’t get better than this!!!

Destination Infinity

PS: Mention some very funny movies that you have watched, in the comments section. It will be useful for every one 🙂

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