The Englishman-Australian Joke

This Englishman-Australian joke was doing the rounds when I was young. Not sure how many are aware of this –

In the 19th Century, an Englishman was traveling in Australia and requested an Australian to come along with him to show some places.

He first sees the Australian Parliament building and says, ‘Is this your parliament building? You should see our Houses of Parliament buildings in London. They are majestic’

Then he sees a river and says, ‘Is this your river? You should see our Majestic Thames river in London’

After making a few other such observations, they wander in the outskirts of the city. There, the Englishman spots a Kangaroo.

He is bespectacled and stunned!!

Finally, he admits defeat. He says, ‘I must, however, admit that your Grasshopper is slightly bigger than what we see in London’ 😛

Destination Infinity 


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