New Theme. New Look. New Beginning.


I hope you have noticed the new theme on my blog – It’s the Twenty Thirteen theme by WordPress. I saw this theme in action elsewhere and I was impressed with its capabilities. The sheer number of post-formats it supports will enable me to share much more than I am currently doing, and I intend to make full use of it. I love the rendering of the font in this theme, as well.

I am going to steer this blog in a new direction from today onward.

There are many things that I want to share on my blog, but something has been holding me back for a while. I hope the new theme will inspire a new beginning, and a new life.

Among the changes that you will see in the near future –

  • There will be daily ‘Incredible India’ posts that will highlight one interesting location in India, per day (mostly). One photo and 6 lines (max) is all you’ll get – I think that’s more than sufficient to catch a glimpse and get inspired. Comments will be off – you don’t have to visit the site – experience them in your email or reader.
  • I will share one thought-provoking quote every week. I am sharing these quotes in my Facebook wall already and from now on, they’ll appear in my blog, as well. Comments will be off.
  • I’ll share some interesting links (with a short summary/my opinion) that I come across anywhere on the Internet. It could be a post from your blog, as well! You can read it if you like the topic and want to explore further. Comments will be off.
  • I’ll share some interesting pictures or videos I took/created (using graphical programs) that will give you a glimpse of life around me. Comments will be off.
  • I may share some songs that I find interesting. Comments will be off.
  • I’ll write some book reviews of some fiction/non-fiction books that I am reading on my Kindle, these days. Comments will be off.

In short, I will blog ANYTHING that I think is AWESOME and NEEDS to be SHARED.

You may not want to read/explore all of these updates – Please exercise discretion and experience only that content that you like/are passionate about.

Comments will be ON only for regular posts that I write, like this one. Comment on them, only if you feel like commenting.

I am excited to start my new journey – I hope you’ll like it too.

Destination Infinity

I am Rajesh K, the author of this blog. While this blog is my hobby, I am a Freelance Video Editor by Profession. If you want to make Videos for Business or Special Occasions, do visit my other website WOWSUPER.NET to see the portfolio and get in touch.


  • Praveen

    Great theme & Nice plan to change your blogging style. It will be great to see frequent posts.
    I myself would like to change the theme of my blog & include better materials, with improved writing skill, well, possibly after mains this year.
    Best of luck

    • Rajesh K

      Yes, there are so many things that I want to share somewhere, but haven’t got myself to do it, until now. I thought Facebook might be a good place for this, but only after I saw this theme in action, I realized how blogging can be transformed into something more interesting/informative than just social-media updates.

      I hope it goes well with you all.

      Destination Infinity

  • kanagu

    This theme looks radiant DI… really good. 🙂 I am also reading lot of quotes these days. they do make me to think a lot 🙂

    u used to share songs before.. pls do start again. I can hear songs from different languages 🙂

    • Rajesh K

      So that people can scan through the content quickly in whichever medium they are following the blog. Also, I am closing the comments on posts that were not primarily created by me.

      Destination Infinity

    • Rajesh K

      Yes, there will be a lot of updates (almost daily). The higher-frequency of posts might look difficult to follow initially – But ppl are advised to follow only those topics that they find interesting. Also, since you don’t have to come and comment here on the site (for the additional topics), I hope it will be easier to follow them from your email or reader.

      Destination Infinity

  • sm

    nice theme like the colors
    thanks for posting my article

    May be i am wrong but i find it very difficult to give a comment on post as can not see detect lines leave a comment

  • Avada Kedavra

    This theme is good however I dont like the fonts. It is somewhat hard on eyes I feel. Maybe you can change the font.
    Nice plan to post in so many categories. That way we will get to read and learn some interesting facts. But enabling comments would be good I feel.

    • Rajesh K

      One of the reasons I selected this theme is because of the fonts! Let me see if I can tweak it a little bit. I too want to share many things, and this theme offers me the perfect interface to do it. Let’s see how this goes, for sometime.

      Destination Infinity

    • Rajesh K

      Yes, I have disabled comments for Incredible India posts, link-share posts, quotes and other types of quick-fire posts. My regular posts will have comments enabled and I will include [Comments On] at the beginning of these posts.

      Since my posting frequency will be high, going forward, I don’t want my readers to feel compelled to comment on every post. Also, I want the focus on the content that can be consumed quickly (from your email/reader or on-site) without clicking multiple times. This is a small experiment, let’s see how it goes…

      Destination Infinity

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