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Maaveeran (’86) Tamil Movie Review

You are probably thinking – why is this guy not only watching movies released 17 years back, but is also reviewing it in the blog? In my quest to become a story-teller, I have decided to watch movies with a new-found enthusiasm for story analysis! You’ll have to put up with me for sometime πŸ™‚

Maaveeran is a Tamil movie set in British India. It’s the first film to be released in 70mm widescreen format, it seems. It opens with Rajnikanth’s first father stopping a (mini) aircraft, you know how – by following it with a horse and tying the tail of the running plane to a pole using a rope!! He is a MahaRaja and whips everyone single-handedly, but gets arrested due to an intrigue by his doctor (Jai Shankar – MainΒ villain), who gets his palace & luxuries in return from the British.

In the meanwhile, Rajnikanth grows up with another set of parents (Nagesh) and the film opens with a grand intro song. Even in this song, he saves a falling baby! He picks up a feud with Ambika (yes, the arrogant daughter of the main villain) and over a few scenes and two quick songs, they fall for each other. Needless to say, suddenly she becomes a good girl πŸ™‚

After a few unnecessary (but interesting) scenes (IMO), Rajnikanth’s foster parents die in the hands of the villain and while dying his mother tells him the secret – He was adopted. He then swears to avenge the death and to find his real parents. Rajnikanth finds his real mother easily through the only one who knows – his horse! He also has an intelligent and brave dog that saves him during many combat situations.

Then we slowly go to the climax that involves a gladiator-style fight between father and son, and then their eventual victory against the bad guys (what else?).

First of all, this film – in spite of failing in box office back then – successfully held my attention (except a few scenes in the middle – esp. the ‘comedy’ and ‘songs’). The British actors (save one) look hopelessly Indian! Especially ‘Lady’ Helena. Of course, when a film involves Rajnikanth, at least 100 bad guys must be eliminated by him, and he does all that with ease, style and punch. The Tanks shown in this movie are rather unique and there’s a huge palace – wonder where they found it.

The movie doesn’t bother about realism – ah, the charm of old movies that make us believe and live in a fantasy-world! There is a lot of sentiment, action, punch dialogues, etc. sufficient to keep people glued to the screen for 2.5 hours! It moves rather quickly. Wonder why this movie failed in box office, in spite of being a remake of super-hit Bollywood movie ‘Mard’ starring Amithab Bachhan?

My verdict: Paisa-Vasool. If this movie is released now, it will become a super hit πŸ™‚ I bought three old Rajnikanth movies for Rs. 45 (Official Moserbaer DVD) and hence my investment for this movie is, Rs. 15!! For that price, this 2.5 hour entertainment is a no-brainer. I just can’t appreciate my own resourcefulness enough πŸ˜›

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