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Ananda yazhai meetugirai… Thanga Meengal Song!

Wow. What a song! Hats off to Yuvan Shankar Raja (Music director) and Sreeram Parthasarathy (Singer). I generally don’t follow lyrics in songs, but this effort my Na. Muthukumar made me follow it! Super song 🙂


  • kirtivasan

    I downloaded the album.
    Frankly, I have forgotten local and difficult Tamil. I now remember only easy Tamil. I think the situation must have been challenging for the music director and lyricist. Four songs on relationships, I guess.
    The music was creative. The tunes seemed familiar. Of course, were damn good.
    A great album for an Ilayaraja Delhi fan, I will say.

    • Rajesh K

      Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music is very good, but so is the music of many other Tamil music directors. Many gems often go unnoticed. This kind of poetic Tamil is difficult for me to understand too, but I try to guess the meaning based on context and don’t analyse it too much. I need to listen to other songs in this genre.

      Destination Infinity

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