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Worried About Old-Age? – ‘Timeless You’ by Deepak Chopra (Review)

I was requested by the team to take-up and review this online course called, ‘Timeless You‘, by Deepak Chopra. Initially, I was hesitant because I did not belong to their target age-group. From Wikipedia I came to know that Deepak Chopra was promoting alternative systems of medicine/healing in the West, and that made me sign up for the course immediately. I am quite enthusiastic about exploring alternative/preventive medicine systems.

Disclaimer: I was given free access to all the six modules/courses of ‘Timeless You’, for review purpose.

“Does ageing have to be progressive decline, as we’ve been conditioned to think? Nutrition and exercise could slow or prevent cognitive decline.”

The first three modules – ‘Changing Perceptions’, ‘Youthful Mind’ & ‘Healthy Relationships’ are about getting our mind to admit that we can slow down the effects of ageing by developing certain attitudes and doing certain things. Let’s admit, the biggest hurdle to achieving anything is mental – if we keep thinking that ageing is going to bring ailments, emotional stress, etc. into our lives and do nothing about it, that’s exactly what will happen!

With the aid of various forms of media like text, images, quotes, video, audio, poll, comments, etc., the coach, Deepak Chopra, helps us to cross this mental hurdle. Look at this gem for instance –

“Finding your bliss means identifying the excellence within you, and striving to let it shine.”

Or this – “The traits that bother you the most in another person are the ones you try hardest to deny in yourself.”

Simple things, but when we read it for the first time or after a long gap, it might make a huge difference to our attitude. I definitely liked the content and the way it was presented in these three modules, but let’s be frank – things like problems with interpersonal relationships are not going to be magically solved after a single online course! However, the seed to solve such issues might be planted, there.

“Habits can influence your biological clock. Replace your life-damaging choices with life-affirming choices.”

This is very true and is felt during old-age. These days, lifestyle related ailments affect young people too! But we can always do something to prevent these ailments and remain physically fit, can’t we? That’s exactly what the remaining three modules teach us.

The fourth module is ‘The mind-body connection’ where we are taught basic meditation, breathing exercise and yoga postures. The fifth module is ‘Mindful eating’ where different types of foods and how to identify/select the most healthy foods is introduced. The sixth module is ‘Joyful Exercise’ where some basic exercises like walking, strength training, stretch postures are introduced. These are introduced via short videos.

In my opinion, the full value of the course is justified in last three modules. This is exactly what I was looking for myself – basic yoga, meditation and exercise techniques. I already walk for around 45 minutes everyday and these could compliment my health/fitness. I think this is important for everyone, not just senior citizens – if we follow some of these techniques from a young age, it will be extremely beneficial later-on. Especially considering the sedentary lifestyle that we follow, these days.

I know what you are thinking – he has attended the course alright, but is he following anything that was taught??? Surprise – I have already started doing two basic standing/sitting yoga moves and meditation (in the night), daily! πŸ™‚ I need to look once again at those basic stretching/strength training exercises and inculcate them into my routine – I know they are simple ones for people above my age group, but we need to start somewhere, right?

I like the interface of and the way the course is structured – the right media is used at the right place, and that’s a plus. Text, video, audio, etc. were all very short and easy to follow/understand. Each module/course takes about 1.5 hours to complete, but none of them feels long. The investment in time (and money) is worth it as long as you will follow (at least some of) what is recommended in the course.

The cost of the course is $30 USD. I guess it’s not much for people living in the US.

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