3D Print Yourself or Someone else!

Today we went to the Image Expo photography exhibition at the Chennai Trade Centre. While we found many useful products and services related to photography, one of them stood out. That was the 3D Printing service launched at this expo by ikix My 3D. They had displayed many 3D printed models at the expo and you can see some of them in the above collage. It seems, if we send our photos, they can 3D print us or someone else on ceramic (I guess). Ain’t that cool? A 3D printed model of someone will make a great gift, don’t you […]

Custom Photo/Video Slideshow Creation @ WowSuper.Net

A few months ago, I had introduced an Online venture I was working on – animatedphotos.org. But I found that domain name quite limiting. For example, the word ‘photos’ was not sufficient as modern slideshows also include videos, music, visual effects, motion graphics, kinetic typography, etc. Hence, introducing my new (upgraded) venture: WowSuper.net I have invested in a professional slideshow creation tool that enables me to customize slideshows in endless ways. I’ve been learning the tool over the last three months and here is a wedding portfolio slideshow I’ve made as a result of all that learning – Hope you liked the video. […]

PicAnimate Review – Animate Parts of a Photo!

Can you believe that the moving water animation in the below-embedded waterfalls video was created using just a photo of the waterfalls? I used a program called PicAnimate that enables to animate parts of a photo and convert it into a video. Cinemagraphs are slightly different. Although parts of a photo are animated in a cinemagraph too, we start with a video and then create a photo whose parts can be animated using the video in the background. But PicAnimate enables us to animate parts of a photo even if we have just the photo. There are limitations to this […]

What to do with Suddenly Discovered Old Currency Notes?

Most of us keep currency notes at multiple places around the home. Sometimes just for storage (that we remember) but sometimes to keep it securely so that we can use them during emergencies, etc. It’s normal to forget about the latter until it gets discovered accidentally. It’s generally a pleasant surprise, then. But now, with the demonetization that happened so quickly, in spite of our best efforts to locate all the currency notes around the house, it’s only human to miss certain notes. It’s again human to discover them after a while – a few months or a few years […]

Of Making Animated Photo Slideshows: My latest Passion

The title says Making animated photo slideshows is my latest passion, not my latest venture. Actually, it’s both. But I guessed you may be tired of reading about my various (unrelated) ventures over the years. What to do, that’s how I am 🙂 Anyways, the concept of this latest venture passion of mine is simple: Send me six photos taken during any special occasion (like a trip, birthday, function, etc). I’ll send you back a nice animated slideshow (video) made using the photos – like the one shown/embedded above. Since I am just learning the art & business sides of this […]

Why Not Ban all Denominations Above 500 Rupees?

While I welcome the ban on the existing Rs. 500 & Rs. 1000 rupee notes by the Govt of India as I think this move will bring accountability to cash transactions in the future, I am not sure why NEW Rs. 2000 notes are needed? Chandrababu Naidu is right. We need to rethink if higher denomination currencies are needed. A new Rs. 2000 currency note will make it easier for people who want to indulge in corruption and black money hoarding. No? Why not abolish 1000 and 2000 rupee denominations altogether? BTW, here is the RBI’s Frequently Asked Questions (and […]

Help Chennai get a Huge Monumental Indian Flag: Chennai Tricolor Initiative

Chennai Tricolor Initiative is a citizens’ initiative to crowdfund and install one of the largest Indian flags, a Monumental Flag, at a public place like the Marina beach in Chennai. A 207-feet tall flag post is being planned at a cost of Rs. 40 Lakhs. To know what a monumental flag looks like, see the above embedded video or the below photo. It seems there are many monumental flags in multiple Indian cities, including the above shown flag in Delhi. But there are none in the metropolitan city of Chennai! This is why a few people have come together and […]

Do you believe in Good Times & Bad Times in a day? Indians do!

Traditionally, people of India divided time into 1.5 hour chunks called Muhurthams. Here is a video by a famous Indian Director Naga that explains the concept of time in the Indian perspective. Considering there are multiple 1.5 hour chunks each day, using astrological calculations, Indians determined which time(s) maybe good/auspicious to do some important work, start a new venture, get married, etc. (Guligai.). And they also determined which time(s) may not be good. (Rahu Kaalam, Yama Gandam.) For each day, there are good times (muhurthams) and bad times, and each time chunk/muhurtham stretches for 1.5 hours. These times are fixed […]

See a Musical/Singing Birthday Greeting Card!

If you thought physical greeting cards have lost to e-greetings or virtual cards, think again. Paper greeting cards are also evolving with features that are unique and interesting, that can never be replicated by ecards. Here is one singing/musical greeting card wishing happy birthday. The music starts once you open the card and stops as soon as you close it. Beneath the right side of the folded card, there is a small electronic circuitry and a battery which makes the magic happen. This an innovative birthday card that’ll make the recipient smile and feel special, don’t you think? 🙂 This […]

Why should Salespeople always Stand in Shops?

I understand why salespeople in shops need to stand while attending to a customer, but why should they keep standing even when there are no customers in the shop? Try standing in a place for one hour. Can you imagine how difficult it is? How can we expect salespeople to stand/walk for 8 hours everyday? Think about this: Only if the sales persons are fresh and relaxed, they can give a good experience to the customers. Making them unnecessarily uncomfortable is going to inconvenience the customers, and reduce business for shop owners. I feel, shops should give a chair (or […]