Ball Ice Cream @ Aavin Parlor (Near Tower Park)

Guys, can you believe what you are seeing in the above photo? When I wrote this post, I never thought I will ever eat another ball ice cream again, in my life. Around one week back, I went to the Anna Nagar Tower park and while coming back, I casually hopped into the Aavin Parlour (on the main road, adjacent to the park) to drink some milk shake.

I finished the milk shake and just before paying, casually looked into their ice cream cart. I just couldn’t believe what I saw – BALL ICE CREAM!! So, it is now confirmed that it is Aavin who made makes it. Immediately, I withdrew my payment and asked the staff to give me one. I finished the ice cream right there and brought the ball home. I think this one added some 18 or 20 rupees to the bill amount. The cost for nostalgia is, at least in this case, so less!

Guess what – this cap latches to the ball quite well and it was not falling off when I tried to pitch it at home. So, you can use it as a ball – but the bounce is uneven. For playing indoor cricket, there is not much of a need to worry about the bounce anyway! This proves that with time things do get better. The taste of the vannila ice cream was similar to what I remember, but I feel the earlier version was better (this could very well be a fault of my imagination or over-expectation).

At the end of the day, Aavin parlor has managed to reclaim one of their fans with the brilliant idea of reintroducing their signature product – the ball ice cream! Or was it always available and I failed to notice before that day? Possible 🙂

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