Sanjeevanam Restaurant : Healthy Eating for Happy Living!

Can you go to any restaurant and say, ‘Hey, I am going to be healthier by the time I come out?’. Rare. Very rare. Sanjeevanam restaurant in Chennai (part of Medimix group) aspires to be among that elite of restaurants where customers get to eat fresh and healthy food!

The best thing about this restaurant is – they don’t use refined foods (like maida, white sugar), they don’t use red chillies, tamarind, garlic, ginger, etc. Needless to say, they don’t use artificial/chemical coloring agents, preservatives, taste enhancers, etc. (It seems many restaurants use ajinamoto, banned in most countries as it is a harmful taste-enhancer). They don’t do deep frying, they buy and use fresh ingredients and don’t reuse/store them. In short, they don’t follow all those health-detrimental practices, normal in many restaurants.

By now you must be wondering, how they manage to make food without all these commonly used ingredients/processes. Simple – they use healthier alternatives instead. For example, palm sugar is used instead of (normal) refined sugar.

It seems, Rajakeeyam lunch package (shown in the illustration above) is one of their signature dishes. It’s a five-course package that comes with (natural) taste-bud enhancers (sweet, sour, buttery, etc.), raw vegetables, semi-cooked vegetables, cooked vegetables (more than 12 types of vegetables are used in each meal), rice (red/bran rice preferred, but white rice is also available), sambar/rasam, etc., payasam, honey & natural beda. They also recommend that we eat the lunch in a certain order.

Even though the number of items served is more, the calories consumed is less. Since this lunch is mostly proteins and vitamins, it’s not too heavy either – anyone can eat fully. I have eaten it twice, before. This costs around Rs. 300/-. I feel, they could have another option, with lesser items and limited quantity, costing around Rs. 150/-. Although the price may not be an issue for most of you, for ‘professional bloggers’ like me, it is 😛

People can also order a’ la carte. Whatever you get in other restaurants like dosa, chappati, curd rice, etc. is available here also. It seems, the Rajakeeyam lunch is the most sought after package by regular customers.

Sanjeevanam offers special food packages, depending on the season (summer foods having more watery items, etc.). They have introduced some items based on one of our healthiest traditional fruit – jackfruit. You get jackfruit halwa, jackfruit dosa, jackfruit biriyani, etc. depending on the day! Other than that, one can also get healthy snacks in the evening – like sundal, kozhukattai, etc.

As I said, this restaurant is a part of Avacare group and hence Medimix-branded soaps, beauty products, etc. are available. They also have an Ayurveda therapy healing center. Both Sanjeevanam restaurant and online store sell some packaged natural products (like bran rice flour, honey, etc.).

I feel, it’s high time we realize the importance of healthy eating (out) and encourage such restaurants. I admit that I was fun-loving and tasty-food-seeking, without bothering about the consequences. But now, I want to change to a healthier alternative and Sanjeevanam seems to be an excellent option (if/when I eat out).

I thank Mr. Murugan, who patiently explained to me the various aspects of their services. This is not a sponsored post or anything – I approached them, they didn’t approach me. However, while discussing, I was offered a free tea. If you think that amounts to influencing, you can go check your brain with some doctor 😛

Sanjeevanam has two restaurants in Chennai – Nungambakkam High Road (opp. to Ganpath hotel) and Mogappair Tiruvalluvar Road (opp. to Spartan school). They also have a restaurant in Bangalore (Koramangala). Do visit the restaurant sometime.

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PS: Article written based on info provided to me.


    • Rajesh K

      Yes, but for that to happen, customers should demand healthy food. Consumer-awareness is very minimum in India, at this point, but I think it will increase shortly. Restaurants will have to offer healthier options, in the near future. People are becoming more health-conscious by the day.

      Destination Infinity

    • Rajesh K

      Yes, I want to learn a lot more on sustainable-living principles. I think it’s very important and these initiatives are a part of that learning. I share what I find useful and interesting, here.

      Destination Infinity

  • Susan Deborah

    We were here last week and enjoyed the food but it was slightly bland as our taste buds were used to the riot of spices and other ingredients. Overall, we (mom, sister and me) agreed that having food like the one served in Sanjeevanam halps us take care of our health better.

    Joy always,

    • Rajesh K

      Until recently, I was also like that – I wanted to eat only spicy and taste-enhanced food, especially outside home. But now I have become more health conscious and I feel I am slightly more mature with my food choices these days (I avoid western fast food altogether, these days).

      I think, sometimes, we need to look at the long-term benefits over short-term ones, too. I am glad that an healthy option (of eating out) like this even exists! Of course, we can’t eat out daily, but this is a good option for occasional eating-out, I feel.

      Destination Infinity

  • Jeevan

    Really a good initiative, quite welcome such health conscious restaurants! I just wish to have the Rajakeeyum lunch… I think spending on it occasionally don’t matter much 🙂
    Thanks for bringing into our knowledge

  • Shilpa Garg

    Wow! That’s a novel concept indeed!! Healthy is never associated with eating out, and this group of restaurant has proved it wrong. Kudos!! Hope we have such options up here in North too 🙂

  • Praveen

    Really, nice concept for foodies like me who mostly dine out. In ahmedabad if its not rich with ghee & sugar then its not good. Got to be cautious about everything sweet in resaturent here. 😛
    Its been time, since I got back to reading blogs. Your blog has become a brand for travellers guide in a city. Great to see that. Keep posting. 🙂

    • Rajesh K

      I’ve heard a thing or two about jelebis being commonplace over there. Even down South, we use a lot of sugar/ghee and eat a lot of sweets. Need to be careful!

      Destination Infinity

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