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CBC BLOG TAG-2: Mogappair as the Twin City of Chennai!

There are a few twin cities in South India.

  • Cochin – Trivandrum
  • Hyderabad – Secunderabad
  • Bangalore – Mysore
  • Coimbatore – Palakkad
  • Mumbai – Pune, etc.


  • Chennai – ???

That’s why I propose that Mogappair (currently a sub-urban area of Chennai where I live) be developed as a twin city of Chennai πŸ™‚

I know what you are thinking – Mogappair is such a small area – Β then how can this area be developed into a twin city, that too for Chennai?Β 

Here is my master plan/town planning for the proposed vertical Mogappair Twin city:


As you can see, I have proposed a vertical city over the existing Mogappair East and West areas (Ground level).

At Level 1, 30 meters above ground, there are tiny houses for people to live. This will prevent resources getting wasted due to building of large houses. If you don’t know what a tiny house is, have a look at a few here.

At Level 2, there will be wind turbines to generate power, and resorts surrounded by flowering plants for tourism. At Level 3, there will be solar panels (left) and organic terrace garden (right) to grow all veggies and herbs required for consumption in Mogappair city.

At Level 4, there will be a helipad that will offer helicopter shuttle service to Chennai airport. The red dotted lines depict the Metro train track covering the entire vertical Mogappair twin city.

At the very bottom you can see the underground rainwater storage tank/groundwater recharge, which is complimented by the rainwater storage tanks at individual levels. Water can be shifted up using solar pumps. The city floor is slightly sloped so that excess rainwater can flow down into the underground tank!

At the very top, adjacent to the helipad, there will be a large golden DI statue, in honor of the masterbrain behind the concept and design. There will be several large support structures (only three shown here) with high-speed escalators. If, inspite of this, the city falls down, then DI will not be responsible because it is the fault of the construction team – not planner πŸ˜›

So howz my IDEA? πŸ˜›

If you are wondering what all this hoopla is all about, well, it is a response to Chennai Bloggers Club (CBC) BLOG TAG-2 where a group of bloggers have come together to write on the topic – “One Aspect of Chennai I want to Change”. I know mine is off-topic, but hey, you don’t exactly expect realism in a Super Star’s movie, do you? πŸ˜€

The previous post on this topic was by Sulaiman Sait and the next post will by by Suchitra.


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