Reusable Cloth-based Sanitary Napkins: Eco Femme

Video Introduction – Eco femme Cloth Pads:

The disposable sanitary napkins are useful to a lot of women. But, did you know that these disposable pads are made mostly of multiple petroleum-based plastic layers, and hence take 500 – 800 years to decompose? Or that they can’t be incinerated (burned) at temperatures lower than 800 Deg. C, as they can release toxic chemicals into the air? Or that they affect the health of rag pickers who come in contact with them while clearing dump yards? Or that, they are not as healthy as you thought they were? Or that, they are expensive on the long-run?

That’s why, Eco Femme, an organization based out of Auroville, Tamil Nadu, is making cloth-based reusable/washable sanitary napkins/pads for women, and is selling them all over the world!

I got a chance to attend a talk given by Ms. Kathy, originally from Australia but now living in Auroville – India, at the recent Green Bazaar, Chennai. She invented these cloth pads for her own use, and then friends/visitors started buying it as they were good.

She told us that women had been using bits of cloth material in India before the popularity of disposable sanitary napkins surged. But India, along with the world, is slowly becoming aware of the harmful side-effects of using plastic. While  companies are working hard to replace plastic with bio-degradable and natural (healthy) products across the world, Eco Femme is doing their part by promoting cloth-based sanitary napkins instead of disposable pads.

It seems, they are also coming up with cloth-based diapers, soon. Another important requirement that is overlooked. An audience member asked if there were cloth-based underwear too, as these could be safer, comfortable and bio-degradable, but no one was aware of such a thing. Are entrepreneurs listening?

Have a look at this documentary video to understand the depth of problems that disposable plastic-based sanitary napkins are creating, and how switching to cloth-based ones could be better for oneself and the earth.

Also do visit their wonderful website where they have put up a lot of information on reusable/washable sanitary pads. I think this is an idea/concept worth spreading. Don’t you?

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  • Jeevan

    Great eye-opener and I don’t know it creates such environment cause until checking your post and watching the documentary video. I think government is also providing free sanitary pads to students in government aided intuitions, could look at the chances of promoting reusable pads which sounds cheaper and health conscious.

    • Rajesh K

      Sanitary pads, though good, isn’t the best option. Yes, the Govt. should recommend the cloth-based pads in their schemes to promote health and safeguard nature.

      Destination Infinity