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A Business Idea for Government: Address Proof

If you look at the number of people who have cried their hearts out in this post (including me), you’ll realize how difficult it is to get a proper address proof and identity proof from the Government, in India. Instead of making so many people suffer, why can’t the Government take this as an opportunity to generate some revenue, and speedily verify and provide an identity cum address proof?

Take Voter ID card (for instance). Why not have an express service where the Government sends officers for verification and provides the Voter ID card quickly (like within one or two weeks from the date of application)? They can charge some money for people who require it immediately, like how Railways has Tatkal and Passport Office has express service. The regular process of issuing the ID cards should stay as such, and be free of cost. Of course, they should speed up this too.

I am sure the Government can make good money with this scheme especially since people keep shifting their residence frequently nowadays. Using the revenue generated, maybe they could reduce some taxes for the rest of the population.

Time to wake up and do something about this, Government. People cannot wait endlessly for an identity and address proof once they shift and move to a new location. Luckily, there was an election and I got a Voter ID card. But there are many others who haven’t got anything and don’t know what to do. Wake up and address this issue immediately.

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