Diabetics Dezire – Sweets for Diabetics Patients!


When I came across a sweets shop named Diabetics Dezire, I got curious and thought why not check it out, especially when it’s near my area in Blue Star, Anna Nagar. It seems that the sweets sold here can indeed be eaten by diabetics patients as they don’t use sugar, but instead use a natural sugar substitute which is a low gycemic product. More info on this here.


They have many common types of Indian sweets like milk sweets, badam sweets, halwa, jangiri, laddu, gulab jamun, etc. They also have juice extracts, jams, cookies, sugar substitute, etc. that are all sugar free. I tasted that sugar substitute and it was sweeter than normal sugar, and so were their sweets!


I bought a pack of assorted sweets and halwa. They also gave me a sample of health salt and sugar substitute. The sweets were good, some were too sweet! I asked them if we need to eat sweets in limited quantity and they said that’s always better. The best sweets I found here were halwa and jangiri.

I feel, normal people can also eat these sweets, so that they can prevent diabetics from occurring. If you know any diabetics patients who have been longing to eat sweets, maybe you can try this. I said maybe, because I did not test it on any diabetics patients – so do it at your own risk!

But I think it’s a good concept worth spreading. Especially considering the amount of sweets we keep eating at every opportunity. It seems you can order online also.

Destination Infinity

Photo credit: By Destination8infinity (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.


  • Manogna

    when one of my friends went to a sweet shop to buy sweets for diabetic person, she was given sweets made of oats!
    BUt seeing your post i now know that almost all sweets can be made this way!
    As you said, eat at your own risk. NO one tested them!

    • Rajesh K

      The people in the shop showed me some news paper articles and recommendations for diabetics specialists. But, when it comes to sweets, even normal people need to be on the guard and eat less.

      Destination Infinity

  • Jeevan

    I am well suited to taste them all being a diabetic person! But I am not a kind like sweets much except my favourite few… Wish they open one in my area Adyar

  • KP

    Thiru Rajesh, Vanakkam, Good Day, I presume we should not recommend these kindly of products, buy indicating these kind of stuffs we are directing people to a wrong n not required path / lifestyle / direction. FYI, if we understand how are body works and what is meant by Sugar in our system and there is nothing like “Diabetics”. Kindly listen to Healer Baskar’s talks ( to understand dis-ease.
    Take Care.

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