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Amish Tripathi: What’s the Next Book/Series? (2015)

Amish Tripathi is the Indian bestseller novelist and author of the popular ‘Shiva Trilogy’ Mytho-Fantasy-Thriller book series. In fact,

“The Shiva Trilogy has become the fastest selling book series in the history of Indian publishing, with two million copies in print and over 50 crore rupees in sales.” – Wikipedia page on Amish

See the below video ‘The Journey of the Shiva Trilogy’ if you need any convincing on how good/successful Amish Tripathi’s first novel series was,

A few days back, Westland, the publisher of Amish Tripathi’s books, sent me a secret package that had some clues to what Amish Tripathi’s next book/series might be about.

Here’s the box I got:

And here’s what it contained:

If you are not able to read the ancient-looking manuscript, here’s what it says:

“This amulet is strong. It commands respect and isn’t too easy to figure out, is it? Light but not really so, one can say that it is much like the rulers of the dynasty it hints at. The capital of an important kingdom in the history of ancient India, this city has a great past. If you give it a close listen, you might even hear in its streets, the voice of the pleasant-faced king himself.”

While I was wondering what this clue (and the symbol) might mean, I attended The Hindu Lit Fest 2015 in Chennai, where I caught Amish Tripathi in conversation with Bharadwaj Rangan.


To his credit, Bharadwaj Rangan tried to extract some details about Amish Tripathi’s next book during the discussion, but Amish was tight-lipped and only said that his next would be a series, not a stand-alone novel. But Amish told us the official announcement for the next book will be made during the Jaipur Lit Fest 2015.

The Hindu reports from the Jaipur Lit Fest that Amish Tripathi’s next book will be a fictional interpretation and fast paced adventure based on many versions of Ramayana. So finally we have it: The book/series is going to be based on Lord Ram, and Ayodhya should be the city mentioned in the above-shown cryptic clue.

The first book in the new series is titled, ‘The Scion of Ishkwaku’ and it is expected to be released in the second half of 2015. I admit I have not read Amish’s Shiva Trilogy yet, but I guess I have enough time to do that, and then pick up the next book when it’s out later this year.

Here’s the video trailer of the first book in the new series:

Isn’t it cool? Who else is looking forward to Amish Tripathi’s new book series?

#WhatsNextAmish? and #WhenAmish? 🙂

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