Very Inspiring Blogger Award: 7 Things About Me

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I was nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger award by Deepika, and as a part of the award ceremony, I need to tell seven things about myself. So here we go – 

  1. I am generally serious & quiet. I prefer to be alone. But if I need to talk for one hour non-stop, be humorous, and be among many people, I can.
  2. I don’t interfere with others’ work, and I expect others not to interfere in my work.
  3. I am a professional blogger, freelancer, and an aspiring author. I love being different from the majority, and I don’t mind going against the tide – even if that means a lot of sacrifice/efforts without much returns.
  4. Nowadays, I am forcing myself to do amusing/fun things because that seems to be helping me do my work better and more efficiently. Otherwise, I don’t mind working throughout the week – although I don’t do that nowadays, mainly for health reasons.
  5. I love music. Nothing relaxes me and uplifts my mood like good songs. I like both Hindi and Tamil movie songs.
  6. I don’t lie (mostly), and hate people who do.
  7. I over-think, and over-analyze. Nowadays, although, I am trying to go with the flow and listen more to my heart/intuition. Because of over-thinking, I take a long time to come to a firm decision. But once I decide, I am determined (and even stubborn) with the execution, irrespective of the immediate results and who-thinks-what-about-it.

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