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Why Read? Listen to eBooks, Webpages, Docs & PDF!

If you have an Android phone (who doesn’t), you can use the built-in Text To Speech feature to listen to eBooks, Webpages, Word/PDF Documents. That means, you can listen to almost anything you can read on your computer, today!

But Why?

I’ll tell you why I prefer listening over reading nowadays:

  • Since I look at the computer monitor for a long time daily, my eyes get strained/I get a headache. So to reduce the eyestrain, I listen.
  • Generally, I take a break after every half- or one-hour of reading/writing on the Computer. I can listen during that time, and hence I can finish reading (listening) to much more now.
  • I need to read and review short stories as I am a part of a peer-review Facebook Writers’ Group. I copy all stories into a single document, convert into ePub using Calibre, and listen to them.
  • When I travel (train, bus, or car), I find it easier to listen than read. Most of the apps allow me to save and read/listen offline.

You may have more reasons like,

  • Listening while commuting to the office and back.
  • Listening while walking.
  • Listening while working out.
  • Listening while cooking, etc.

These are the Android apps that help me Listen using Text To Speech: (Most are Free of Cost)

  • Pocket: I can save any webpage/blog/article that I want to read on my computer to Pocket via browser, and open it via the app on my Tablet to listen.
  • Google Play Books: I can buy any book from Google Play and start listening to it using the Google Play Books app.
  • FBReader: If I download a classic from Gutenberg or if I buy an ePub eBook, I can load it to FBReader and listen to it.
  • @Voice Aloud Reader: This app reads PDF, Doc, txt documents aloud. I tried loading even two-column formatted PDFs and it reads without a problem.

Except the Google Play Books app, other apps allow us to adjust the speed, pitch, and volume.

You can use the Voice Engine/Voice that comes built into your Android device, but it’s somewhat robotic. Better, I suggest you to download IVONA voice:Β Amy, English – UKΒ – this is good.

So do you plan use Text To Speech technology to listen to books, documents, or articles sometime? Try it: it’s a cool/useful feature, and a different experience πŸ™‚Β 

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