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One Asia Project: Oneness through Cultural Exchanges

Message from Wang Xin Xin, a Taiwanese artist, for the One Asia Project:

One Asia Project

The ONE ASIA project started in Auroville, India, in 2010 with the aim of presenting Asia’s cultural richness and profound spirituality to the world via Cultural exchanges among artists from Asian countries. 

Since 2010, a number of musicians, dancers, poets, visual artists, tea ceremony masters, martial artists, Sufi & Zen practitioners and flower-arrangement artists from different Asian countries have participated in the ONE ASIA project.

We aspire to bring together more of these artistes practicing traditional culture in order to co-create, with their input, a new and conscious diversity. We hope to share our findings with a world of increasing chaos that awaits a strong foundation for a brighter, truer future for humanity.” – Jyoti Naoki Eri, Auroville/Japan.

I met Jyoti Naoki Eri, the Founder-Director of One Asia Project, in a recent seminar at the Lalit Kala Academy – part of the Auroville in Chennai festival.

Jyoti Naoki Eri is Japanese by birth and was brought up in an artistic family in Kyoto/Tokyo during his formative years. ‘Jyoti’ in his name, as you may have noticed, is an Indian name which he kept for himself (long before he even came to India) due to the respect and admiration he had for the Indian culture.

In 2005, when Jyoti Naoki Eri came on a trip to India, he came to know about Auroville and was impressed so much with the concept of an integrated township that he decided to settle down there as a permanent member.

In 2010 the team decided to coordinate the first One Asia Project in Auroville. Subsequently, One Asia Projects were held in Delhi in 2012, Taipei in 2014, and (hopefully) Kyoto in 2016. Artists from various fields/countries across Asia were invited and given a platform to perform and exhibit their skills and crafts to the world.

There is also collaboration between artists from different Asian countries. For example, this video shot during the One Asia 2014 shows how Taiwanese and Indian artists come together to create soulful music. I think this is an excellent effort and hope that One Asia project will continue the cultural exchange/collaboration, and get a wider reach with support from people all over.

Website (for further details): One Asia Project.

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