Is ‘Sorry’ A Big Lie?

If you hear someone tell you ‘Sorry’, and they’re in tears, you have every reason to suspect dishonesty.

One thing I have noticed with people is: they do something only if they think that is the best thing to do, irrespective of whether it is good or bad – for them or others. Unless many years have passed by or they face enormous negative consequences of their actions, people generally don’t regret their actions. 

In fact, they take a lot of efforts to hide their intentions or even actions, although they know from inside they are guilty. They will simply refuse to admit that they have been wrong, and will try to justify their actions using some crazy logic which seems plausible only to them – the logic, I mean.

In this context, if someone tells ‘sorry’ a few hours or few days after their actions, I don’t see a good reason to believe them. They are probably telling ‘sorry’ because they have something to gain out of you, or they need your support in some way. Sheer hypocrisy.

Only in some movies, mega serials and books we find that the villain is sometimes sorry for his/her actions and ‘changes for good’ during the climax or even before that. In reality, admitting guilt takes many many years. Sometimes a whole lifetime!

Of course, people who say ‘sorry’ when they do something accidentally do mean it at times. But for everyone else who claim to have ‘changed’ or ‘realized their mistake’, and are telling an emotionally loaded ‘sorry’, it may be a good cue to suspect another big lie is going to follow from their mouths.

This is only my opinion, and I may be wrong. I hope I am wrong and my faith in the word is reinforced.

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