#Song of the Week: Kaara Aata Kaara (O Kadhal Kanmani)

‘Kaara Aata Kaara’ is the song from the latest (yet to be released) Mani Rathnam’s movie: O Kadhal Kanmani. The music for this movie has been composed by A. R. Rehman. I fell in love with the song once I saw the trailer (who will not?). The song doesn’t live up to the expectations set in the trailer as it is too slow at times and doesn’t maintain the rhythm in the first half, but it catches up in the second half and leaves us happy. I am sure I’ll start liking even the first half more if I listen to it more (no time!!).

If you want to listen only to the catchy part of this song, see the movie trailer embedded below. Isn’t this THE BEST TRAILER made in the recent times? I hope the movie lives up to the expectations set by the trailer. I am yet to listen to the other songs in this movie because I am still stuck with this trailer song. Will try to catch up with all songs by next week 🙂

Destination Infinity
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4 thoughts on “#Song of the Week: Kaara Aata Kaara (O Kadhal Kanmani)

  1. The trailer is one of the best and cutest as you said…
    But, the song is not so good.
    In fact, the album as such is not so great. Out of 9 songs, about 2-4 are only good. Others sound confused. I am also unable to visualise how it would have been taken… or the situations in which it would be played…

    All said, I only hope that the movie lives upto its expecatations!

    1. Oh, the trailer created so much expectations that I thought the music should be great. Yet to listen to songs from this album, will try to do that soon!

      Destination Infinity

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