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Chennai Jackfruit Festival 2015

So last Sunday I went to the Chennai Jackfruit Festival 2015 @ Chennai Trade Center, Nandambakkam. This was a themed event held from May 01 – 03, where all the food items sold in the various stalls had one thing in common: Jackfruit! Being in Chennai, how could I miss this? Here are some sightings and eatings from there 🙂

Jackfruit Crisps & Jelly:

The crisps were cool, didn’t try the jelly but I guess it would’ve been great.

Jackfruit Ice cream:

This was the best of what I ate inside the expo. The jackfruit ice cream was too good 🙂

Jackfruit Nuts Cake:

Didn’t try this, but I guess it should be good?

Crispy Tacos with Vegetable Salad:

Another awesome dish I ate there. The outer crispy layer is made of corn it seems and the inner vegetable salad includes jackfruit also. Good 🙂

Jackfruit Halwa:

Nowadays, I’ve become a little health conscious. That’s why I just tasted this, but did not eat the whole box! 🙂 Not as good as other halwas, but still fine 🙂

Jackfruit Pazham Pori:

This pazham pori is generally made of banana, and you get it in Kerala. But this one is made of jackfruit and was available just outside the expo, along with the food stalls. Of course it was good. There were many more items available. For further details, refer to the Chennai Jackfruit Festival website.

While we are on the topic of food, are you guys aware of website? You can type the name of your city in India, and the name of a locality, and it will list all the restaurants available in/around that area with the menu/pricing, if available. Check it out! Also, Foodpanda Cares is involved in a number of CSR activities like supporting Akshaya patra which is an NGO providing mid-day meals for kids.

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