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Chennai Value Summit 2015, Event Highlights

I got a chance to cover this event, Chennai Value Summit 2015, as a Blogger. It was held at The Residency Towers, T. Nagar, on May 01 and was organized by Bhavani.

What creates Value in Business? How have successful business people created so much value? That seemed to be the topic for discussion. Some eminent personalities who had developed their own successful businesses or helped others develop their businesses, were invited to speak. Audience had a chance to ask some questions.

Before the event began, Bloggers were allowed to have a short round table discussion with the panelists where we spoke about the theme of the event, net neutrality, why we do not have many products developed out of India still, etc.

Then the event began and each of the panelist spoke about their perception of what creates Value in Business. Some highlights:

C. Mahalingam (Mali, Executive Coach & HR Advisory): Harnessing the innovation and passion of individuals creates value.

Sridharan Sivan (Founder, S 10 Healthcare Solutions): Aligning everyone’s dreams towards a common goal creates value. Value Added Tax by the Govt. is an easy way to understand the concept of value!

Rangarajan M (Executive Director, Servion): Quoted what TVS Iyengar told: “Buy/Make for 8 rupees, Sell for 10 rupees, Make customer believe they’ve got equivalent to 15 Rupees. That is value.”

Maran (Chairman, Kaar Technologies): If you wake up and love to start work in the morning, you are in the right career. If not, time to change or start up. If you love what you do, you’ll create value.

Sadhana, Joint Managing Director of Focus Infotech, was the moderator. She too chipped in with words of wisdom. While emphasizing on the importance of belief, passion, and hard work, she told us that employees should be Workafrolics, who like what they do, to create value.

K. Jayaramakrishnan, Consultant – TCS, was the special invitee/chief guest of the day and he told us that companies should focus 70% on taking care of their employees and only 30% taking care of their customers. Because satisfied employees will in turn take care of customers.

Then we broke off for the networking dinner where I met some interesting people. Altogether, a great experience. Looking forward to the next edition of the Chennai Value Summit.

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