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Orange Mittai (ஆரஞ்சு மிட்டாய்) is a Tamil movie written and directed by Biju Vishwanath, and produced by Vijay Sethupathi – who also plays the role of the old man in this movie. This movie advertises itself as ‘dark comedy’, but actually tries to be ’emotional’. And fails in both. 

Although I didn’t enjoy this movie, I need to compliment the director for conceptualizing and creating a different movie with realistic characters but abstract concept/story. The producer has guts to bet his money on this concept, and I appreciate the attempt. I love experimentation and am glad that Tamil movie directors/producers are experimenting a lot in the recent times.

There is not much of a story. As the motto of the movie goes – ‘Journey is the destination’, similarly ‘Journey is the story’ as well! Two paramedical staff go to pickup an old person in an ambulance who supposedly had a heart attack. Vijay Sethupathi has played the role of the old man, but he walks, talks, and behaves like a normal person.

The incidents that happen during that ambulance journey and immediately afterwards is the story. There is some humor here and there, but it’s very sublime. Now let me come to the emotional connect. The character of the old man is shown as irritatingly stubborn as one can get. How can the lead character (Ramesh Thilak) get emotionally attached to such a person is difficult to understand.

The biggest plus point of this movie is the realistic characterization. All the characters are as real as we might find in the real world, and the actors have done an excellent job portraying those characters. While this adds to the charm of the movie, it’s also a flaw – there is not much of a reason to ’emotionally connect’ with people who seem and feel real!

Even a realistic movie needs some fantasy and that fantasy is portrayed by the situation. The old man uses the ambulance like a call taxi and that makes things interesting for sometime. But once we cross that stage and look forward to a story, a goal, or a conflict — there is none. Nobody wants anything!

The director managed to make me watch the full movie, but there were situations — especially near the end — where I thought when is the movie going to end? There is some emotional connect, but I, as an audience, felt that the characters didn’t deserve those emotions.

This is, I guess, as abstract as a movie can get and the different attempt at storytelling needs to be appreciated. But it was not good enough for me to enjoy. I hope the next attempt by this team will be better. We need more such experimental movies instead of the totally unrealistic super-hero, romance, comedy movies that we usually get.

Fantastic action & characterization let down by a lack of story. 

சிறந்த நடிப்பு, சிறந்த கதாபாத்திரங்கள் வடிவமைப்பு, அனால் நல்ல கதை இல்லை!

Destination Infinity

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8 thoughts on “Review: Orange Mittai Tamil Movie

  1. So, it is real when you said that you will watch movies every Friday and review them! Need lot of patience!

    Vijay Sethupathis is slowly becoming famous for good acting. It is good to see that many directors have started ‘experimenting’, esp. new directors. We will get to see good movies like ‘Kaakka muttai’!

    1. Yes, watching movies first day first show and writing reviews has become my latest passion 🙂 Kakka Muttai was a fantastic movie, primarily because the story was strong. But, it’s good to see directors experimenting with new concepts, and I hope Tamil movies will set an example to others, soon.

      Destination Infinity

  2. I like movies based on road trip and I find the concept of ambulance journey will interest me to watch. But for me, Vijay Sathupathi’s look doesn’t give the realistic feel when I see the trailer… Will check this movie if it was relayed in TV or get DVD later.

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