(Soon to be) Popular Authors Meetup @ Chennai :)


Fiction writers/authors Ganga Bharani, Kavipriya & Me @ McD, Chennai. 

Today, since none of us had anything much to do, we four authors decided to meet @ McDonalds, Ashok Nagar. Surprisingly three of us turned up 😛 Writing and publishing a novel is just half the work nowadays. The remaining half is to take it in front of readers. We met to discuss creative strategies to do that. We also discussed about the craft and business of novel writing/publishing.

I guess you know about my book – The Archers Revenge (DRM-free eBook, free to download on Kobo). Since this is my first novel, I want to offer it for free and get reader feedback, so that I can write my next book – a Historical Fiction — set in Mongolia during Genghis Khan period — better. Right now I am doing research and will soon start writing. Thanks to inspiration from authors/readers 🙂

Ganga Bharani is already a popular author who has sold more than 5000 copies of her first book – Just You, Me and a Secret. She has just published her second book – A Minute to Death. She writes in the Crime Thriller genre. Did I tell you she is a very popular blogger who won the coveted Best Blogger from Chennai award during the recent Urban Tree Blogger’s Meet? And she is a short film maker. Yes, she has multiple feathers on her cap!

Kavipriya has just published her first book – I don’t wear Sunscreen. This is a romance/relationship novella. She is a star on Facebook/Social Media and is rocking the literature scene at a very young age!

So I take this opportunity to wish all the authors (including me 😛 ) good luck with publishing, and many more novels in the future. Readers – join me, and don’t forget to check out our books 🙂

Destination Infinity

PS: We may conduct a small event in Chennai for joint promotion of our books. Hope to meet readers from Chennai there 🙂

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