See what I bought from Organic shop . . .

Nowadays, I am visiting organic shops and buying many things from there. I feel, the stuff they sell is healthier than the chemical-rich products available in normal shops. Have a look at some products I recently bought from organic shops . . .


These are handmade organic soaps that I got from online. Β There is a good difference between using normal soaps and these — body is fresh and there is no oily feel normal soaps leave. The issue is, the price difference is huge and normal soaps like hamam and medimix are also good. I guess I will switch over to organic soaps in the future . . . Β 

Woohoooo. This is a real good find for me. Organic juices. I used to drink normal juices in the local shops here, but they add so much sugar and ice that I don’t know if they are healthy any longer. This juice pack claims that they use only organic fruits and natural preservatives. Better, I can drink just as much as I want, when I want. I don’t keep it in the fridge — I can still use it for three days after opening. Sugar is an issue, but it’s OK for now.


This is Kambu (bajra) millet. Nowadays, I don’t eat rice — I eat this instead. Same way as rice — cook it in cooker with water, mix with sambar, rasam, curd, have it with poriyal, mixer, etc. I have reduced almost 20% of my weight purely because of this switch from rice to bajra.


I was initially skeptical to change my toothpaste and shaving cream. I am not eating any chemical, so I thought why change it. Then I read articles on fluoride presence in toothpastes that affect us and chemicals in creams that affect the environment. More importantly, a customer recommended these products from Yeturu’s while I was in the shop. These may not be entirely organic, but I find them better than regular ones.


Aloe vera-based shampoo. These three products are made out of aloe vera, which I heard is a magic plant! They are fine. I also tried one aloe vera juice — that didn’t taste good. I settled for amla (nellikkai) juice instead. I also eat nellikkai pieces mixed with jaggery for healthy snacks. All these are available in organic shops.


You know what is this? Kombucha πŸ™‚ It’s black tea mixed with lemon grass. Very healthy. But since it needs to be refrigerated and I want to avoid cold beverages, I switched to organic juices.

Organic shops have healthier replacements for almost every product we use. They even have a healthy comb made of wood that can take out paen!! In India we cannot be sure how much of this is actually organic (without chemicals) but I am sure these products are (relatively) healthier than what we get in normal provision stores and supermarkets.

Organic food is an important component of sustainable-living. Actually I also want to grow organic food, but let me take one step at a time πŸ™‚

Guys, go and try some products from organic stores near you, if you haven’t already πŸ™‚

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