YU Yuphoria: Advantages & Limitations


My relative, Ashwin, bought the Yu Yuphoria phone before a month and I asked him to share the advantages and limitations of the phone. Here it is:


  • Great price for premium features
  • Gorilla 3 Glass ~ Good touch response
  • Great Speaker output
  • 2 MB RAM: Able to play heavy games without lag
  • 5 MP Front Camera is very good
  • Dual-4G SIM support ~ both SIM slots support 4G/3G/2G
  • Highly customizable Cyanogen OS. Within a week of buying, his phone was upgraded from Android Lollipop 5.0.1 to 5.0.2. Frequent updates guaranteed!
  • Battery is good, phone works for more than a day even when WiFi and 3G are switched On (2230 mAh)
  • He’s able to use the phone continuously for more than a week without having to restart. No lag due to it
  • Built-in Baton app for cloud storage (good storage capacity for free)
  • Champagne gold metal bar and white surface gives a premium look


  • Currently available only by registration and waiting for an invite. Not all of us have the time to wait when we want to buy a new mobile
  • Headphones effect in this mobile is not good, even with premium headphones
  • While playing heavy games or charging, phone heats up near the earphone and near the rear camera
  • Phone gives priority to (and switches to) 2G signal, than 3G signal, if the 2G signal strength is more
  • No OTG support
  • Rear camera is good, but image saturation is high. Colors appear darker
  • When he enables the ‘press power button to end call’ option, the call ends even if he presses the volume button
  • After the first update, there is a difference between the visible picture on the camera frame on the phone screen (and) the picture actually taken by the phone
  • HD screen, not Full HD

In spite of the limitations mentioned above, he highly recommends Yu Yuphoria phone to everyone and is happy with his purchase. Thanks Ashwin, for the review 🙂

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